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    Royal dwarf by Royal Queen Seeds.. This little girl through out some wild leave patterns and guess she wanted to break it up a little and give peace sign and cut the middle out lol.
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    Question about autoflowering light cycle

    Hey guys, I am growing four royal dwarf auto flowering plants. They all just started to grow the little pistils and have entered the flowering stage, they are currently on a 24/7 light cycle. My question is should i give them a dark period since they are in the flowering stage now...
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    Zehamas's First Grow

    Hey 420Magazine. This is my first attempt at growing Feminized Royal Dwarf Seeds. Anyways I am just going to jump right in, I hope you enjoy reading. Make sure you comment and let me know your thoughts, as well as any tips that you think might be useful.... ctr.... ctr... So i am using two...
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