1. Queen Mary

    Queen Mary

    RQS Special Queen #1
  2. IMG_5754.JPG


    CBD Euphoria DWC
  3. 26875468-F783-4EE7-BD3A-F51D3ACD1776.jpeg


    Cbd Euphoria DWC
  4. 750F5226-0D65-411D-A37A-B1E0845336EE.jpeg


    The CBD Euphoria Quad in the back and the Euphoria CS girl aka pollenmachine in the front lol
  5. GreenKitty

    Completed GreenKitty's 2nd Grow - Shining Silver Haze by RQS - CFL - Soil

    Welcome to my 2nd grow :3 As the seed has arrived just 2 days before Christmas and I just put it on the soil I guess she'll break ground just by new years, which will be really cool :) This one will NOT be an auto like my first grow. Information from the seed bank and Q&A Info: THC...
  6. ewilan947

    royalqueenseeds grow

    hello to all this is my grow from royalqueenseeds i've got : 2 special kush 1 candy kush express 1 bubble kush the pictures aren't in order :thanks::Namaste:
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