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  1. M

    New to growing

    it's my first time growing pot. I am trying with a couple ruderalis plants. One is about 2 ft tall and been growing for 4 months. I heard its supposed to auto flower, so my question is do I need to adjust the light to 12/12 or can I just leave it on 24/7??
  2. K

    4 Auto Strains - LED - First Grow

    Just started my first grow. I decided to start with autoflowers this first time around next time I will go photoperiod. Grow room is a 4x4 closet I lined with a double layer of mylar space blankets. Soil: Happy Frog ph 6.5 (Slurry test) Nutrients: Nectar for the gods spartan regime with...
  3. F


    Gday folks i am wondering if any 1 has experimented with grafting or budding using ruderalis as root stock.Just say i wanted to bud or graft a certain strain onto ruderalis wood my plant take on auto flower characteristics or wood it just grow more vigourously maintaining form of bud or...
  4. colorfuldayze

    Greetings 420 Community

    Hello everyone and greetings. Like many others, my grow efforts have already benefited from the 420 community. Finally signing up and jumping in has already generated a lot of useful and intriguing correspondence with other members. This community has taken my perspective of growing and...
  5. L

    Hindu Kush Hybrid Ruderalis & White Widow x Lowryder #2 - From Seed - AutoFlowering

    Hindu Kush latest pic @ 2 Weeks White Widow x Low Ryder #2 latest pic @ 2 Weeks
  6. CoupedeCoup

    Autoflower Pro's and Con's?

    I have been seriously been considering a crop of autoflower. I have been doing some research on them and keep hearing reviews, of which vary, across the board. I guess I just have a few more questions that may seal the deal for me... so it would be great if anyone could shoot me some advice/...
  7. Tatva-2

    Tiny Tiny ruderalis

    Here is a ruderalis I am growing in a small light box using a 50w fluorescent bulb. Cute huh? There might be enough to get me high for a month once its finished. I'm not going to be the local dealer, but still ... -you gotta love her for trying. This is my smallest to date. I just...
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