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  1. J

    RDWC help

    Hello I'm just finishing of my last grow and looking for a change ATM I'm running 4 424 nfts im not really getting on with nft and fancy a change so was thinking of rdwc so 1 can I run a water chiller of the res 2 best nutes for dwc any tips and advise
  2. Jmills

    QW iso wax help!

    Hi ive made a few batches of qw iso wax recently and always let it evaporate for a day without purging in a double boiler. Im just wondering if this is why its coming out not tasting so good? I thought maybe its because i used trim usually but even when ive used bud it still didnt come out so...
  3. M

    400v light

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me if I need a special type of light socket to run a 400v bulb and ballast or can I use my usual reflector?
  4. G

    Best light for tent size - Heat sensitive

    Hi all, Used to be in this community years ago, took a break. Coming back it seems the tech has progressed and although I know some of this may have been asked in the past, its tough to get an up to date read on the whole light efficiency discussion. Situation: 5' x 5' Grow tent Heat...
  5. J

    Questions! Is okay to change nutrients in the half way?

    hello, my 420 friends! here is my question: I'm usin Advanced Nutrients ph perfect micro,grow,bloom. now my plants in 6-7 weeks flowering time, but i run out my AN nutes. I've bought General Hydroponics Flora Series. is it okay to use new nutes??? :Namaste:
  6. Dmanlee

    Nutrient deficiency help

    K so plants are doing good go into flowering bam leaves start browning .. Went up and down left and right checking everything from lighting to air to water ph and tds reading .. Found the problem but how do I correct it .. My soil is an all organic custom never used before mix...
  7. Oldbear

    Oldbear's 8 Month Outdoor Grow Space In A Northern Climate

    Hi anyone. I wanted to share what I have in mind for setting up an outdoor grow space that I can run from mid-March to mid November. All thoughts and suggestions and questions welcome. :thanks: I've been getting a lot of very useful information here: Maine 4-Season Grow Considerations...
  8. D

    Run-off low - Nutrient lockout

    Had a slight nutrient lockout issue. The older leaves were looking a bit yellow, some signs of magnesium deficiency too, but the newer leaves are looking green and happy, besides a select few. Here's the run down. Medium: 6" Rockwool Blocks Phase: Flowering PH going in: 5.8 PH going out...
  9. B

    Dual bulb hood?

    Hi guys. I am relatively new to growing. Have about 5 Indoor and 2 outdoor grows under my belt. My question is about my lights. When I upgraded to a huge air cooled hood. Barely fits in my 3.5x3.5 tent. I modified it to run dual bulbs with two separate ballistis. It's works great...
  10. H

    Flood & Drain IWS - 100% Clay - Sterile or beneficial bacteria with a chiller?

    Hey guys, ive just purchased an IWS F&D 12 Pot system with the 25mm pipes and 1 minute timer and external controller. Ive ran a RDWC system with spray bars and airstones for the last 12 months sterile. Im wondering how people run these F&D systems nutrient wise. Do people go with...
  11. G

    Hydro flushing question

    Hey peace to all the Bud brothers Can anyone clear up when flushing in hydro (flood n drain) and its says to run your pump continuously and flush for six hours does that mean to leave the buckets flooded for 6 hours or run the system say every hour for 6 hours at 10 mins a flood ? or what, im...
  12. G

    Flushing hydro question

    Hey peace to all the Bud brothers Can anyone clear up when flushing in hydro (flood n drain) and its says to run your pump continuously and flush for six hours does that mean to leave the buckets flooded for 6 hours or run the system say every hour for 6 hours at 10 mins a flood ? or what...
  13. R

    Quantum boards - Tips and advice

    So I've decided I want to try a quantum board LED for my next grow light. In particular the HLG 135 or 185 watt kit. Does anyone run a quantum board and what advice can you give to someone who is new to them?
  14. TheDarkTriad

    Just Dropping In Showing A Grow

    Hey guys, its me just popping in and posting some pics of a strain im running out. this is just a test run for a up coming review im doing on a few products.. current state of this little girl second week of flower. strain Ultra Violence grow area 3x3 light amaretech se500 uvb (updated light)...
  15. I

    Need a low temp vape

    Hi guys,im looking for a low temp vape ,1 that has a low temp setting of about 130c,i want it to vape for medical and not get high,the volcano will run at 130c but its out of my price range ,thanks
  16. HigherTheHigh

    Help and advice with CO2 please

    Hello all! Im currently running 4x8 tent with 3 600w hps lights, 2 in cool hoods and 1 in cool tube. If i turn the cool tube of my temprature runs steady at around 25c and hm is around 40%. If i run my cool tube aswell as my other 2 cool hoods im hitting 30c and hm is around 35-35%...
  17. E

    ElDoctore's Self Watering Coco - Candy Kush AF - Pineapple Chunk PP - VIVA Sativa PP

    Hi there. So i have tried growing once in the past, results are great. Now i am going for my second run a year later. As always the law enforcement doesn't make our lives easier, but you do what you got to do to survive. I am posting to get a general feedback and any advise from people with...
  18. noob12345

    Noob to bubble

    Hi guys, Been a while since i posted anything, but i have been playing at making bubble hash with ok results i guess but with seriously low yield compared to others, even when using decent frosty trim. My last run i decided to run the fresh frozen through the food processor with the...
  19. G

    I love this site

    Everyone on here has the best mindset and I haven't seen much disrespect. I'm a ten run internediate grower or at least I thought I was until my Veteran teacher from Humboldt moved out of my house and back up north! I'm left to myself and the skills he gave me so it's kind of like an apprentice...
  20. D

    First indoor grow - Any advice?

    Hello all, I have been an outdoor organic guy for almost 20 years and I am about to give indoor a go (after much debate with the wife). Just looking for a little advice, tips, tricks, etc. I have built a cabinet that is 30x48 and it is 6 feet tall. My TastyLED T4 arrived a couple of days ago...
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