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  1. dirt mcgert

    Dirt 2.0

    Hello everyone, after some time away I'm recharged and ready to grow. Only running a veg tent and a flower tent for now....well till I start cloning again then the 3rd tent will be up and running. Same setups as before....2 2x4x5 tents fans/filters....you know the drill. Veg tent has a 450w led...
  2. M

    My New Setup & Grow Journal For Many Strains Pound A Week Here We Go

    Hello, everyone happy growing. I. Have finally built my basement room well still finishing up touchs so all advice will be helpful im running 11 strains but have over 50 to choose from since im just starting this journal i wont state every strain right now but will soon enough. Ok on to the fun...
  3. higherthehigh

    5x5 tent - 4 plants - 1000W HPS - Heat questions

    Hello all i hope everyone is happy and healthy. It will be my first time using a 1000w hps in a 5x5 tent, what are the heat issues like? I will be running a 6" 600mm filter or maby run another incase the temps rise. I was thinking of running a panabolic shade but id like oppinions on...
  4. C

    Colt45's Waterfarm/Soil GDP Grow Journal - 2017

    Hello, everyone! This is my first grow. My setup is; Hydrohut - Silver Edition Hut 4.5X4.5 Continental Fan In-Line Duct Fan 6 Inch, 308 CFM Can-Lite Carbon Filter 6 inch - 600 CFM Two Clip on Hurricane Fans 600W MH - Apollo / 1000W HPS Eye Hortilux 600W/1000w Quantum dimmable ballasts...
  5. I

    Is Treasure Island from Sin City Seeds nitrogen sensitive - Claw

    Hi fellow growers! :) I am on my 3rd grow, this time running some Treasure Island. I am wondering if this TI is more sensitive to nitrogen. I am running the same nutes in hydro as previous runs with other strains (FN Micro/Grow/Bloom) at less than 1000 ppm in 4th week of flower. I am starting...
  6. higherthehigh

    4x8 tent - 3x 600W HPS - Opinions on running 3? Multi strain

    hello all! only running a 4x8 tent for now and im vegging for one more week then ill be flipping into flower. running 6 royal cheese in wilma systems, 3 lemon shining silver haze & 4 northern light clones. northern light clones 10 weeks veg. royal cheese 4 weeks veg. lemon shining...
  7. higherthehigh

    Nutrients advice needed - Already running a selection but want to add

    hello all! in to week 5 now. currently running northern lights with: canna a+b. canna boost. advanced nutrients big bud. advanced nutrients bud candy. what else can i run to get a heavey yield, buds are looking really nice and want to add a bit more if i can as im going to cure...
  8. M

    Darkheart Nursery Chocolate Hashberry

    I am running a couple of these plants outdoors in northern cali. As of a few days ago they have started to flower. Does anyone else have experience running this strain outdoor? Seems awfully early to be starting. it's the only strain I have that is starting.
  9. nobodyhere

    Question on light bleed from veg area to flower tent - Need input please

    I might be overthinking this. I want to set up a simple small veg area in the walk in closet where my tent is. It will consist of a 2x2 hydro tub with a few plants/clones sitting under one or two 65w CFLs. I have a tent in the closet. Currently running 18/6 with autos so this is not an...
  10. T

    1st dwc grow. Need a little help.

    I am attempting my first dwc and am running into issues. I have an 18gal tote with 2 3in net pots, 2 big bubble stones. I just put two clones of gorilla bomb in the net cups 3 days ago, running at about 1/3 of General hydroponics flora trio feeding chart, plus hydroguard. Clones looked liked...
  11. F

    Help! Over-heating problems

    Hey everyone. I'm having problems with the temperature in my grow tent. I've read other forums but this is my set up so any help appriciated I have a 1.2x1.2x2.0meter tent. 600watt magnetic hps ballast and a 600watt has grow lamp. I have a carbon filter running at the top of my tent with...
  12. WillGrow510

    12/12 From Seed Special Kush #1 Coco W/AN & 450W CFL

    Okay folks. Here's my third grow. Other two are in the works. Both in flower. Seeing as I can only have 6 plants at a time, looks like I will be running 3 different strains (2 ea) at a time. I have already learned a lot even though I have not brought anything to harvest yet. I have...
  13. D

    Rockwool EC spiking up

    My EC has been rising drastically along with my PH when I check my run off. My question here is if im running a higher temperature due to running co2 at 1300 PPM, Would the plants be drinking much more than eating and if so is there any suggestions? Maybe running a lower temp or running a lower...
  14. O

    Light advice please!

    So, I have just acquired a new tent. Twice the size of my current 2x2. Currently I run a Mars2 400 watt and have had pretty decent success. I want to stay with LED in the new set up and am currently shopping. I like the idea of running 2 Mars2 400's in the new 2x4 but really am torn. I like the...
  15. WillGrow510

    Quick Confirmation- Is this a Magnesium Deficientcy?

    Hey there. Looking at a group of 4 Thai sticks. Two of them are showing signs of a deficientcy. I'm running GO line, full nute schedule, pH on point at around 6, 18/6 light schedule on 340 watts of 2,700k CFLs, they are 5 weeks old, black gold potting soil with 30% perlite, air pots, was...
  16. B

    Anyone running 400W HPS - Quick question

    I'm thinking of adding hps to my grow....my concern is heat. I have a mall cab 33x33x40 I have good ventilation set-up and would use a cool tube...do you think I could keep the heat down? I would like to go 400 but if heat would be problem than I was thinking of Maybe a 250 instead...
  17. T

    ATA clean - Would you bother?

    Hey guys Just wondering if anyone bothers with ATA clean? Running XL auto pots. I've used bigger pipe than the usual anyway, got a pump running in the res, and not experiencing any issues with lines blocking Just wanna make sure the problem will never come to light, and someone suggest...
  18. B

    Berzerker's Garden

    Hello this is my first journal here, so I'll just list some of the strains I am running
  19. F

    First week issues - What am I doing wrong?

    Hey guys, First time, blogger, first time grower, lots of questions. Currently I've got a 4'x4'x80" grow tent that I'm working with, inside I have two 8" clip on fans. For lighting I've got a 600 watt metal halide bulb with the ballast running on about 50%, lighting schedule is a 20 and 4...
  20. T

    Heat problems

    Hey guys, Im growing for the second time, last year I started in March 23 and harvested June 25. Im proud of the result, it was not as strong as the stuff I bought from dealers but it was quiet good. My impatience did it. This time I started June 23 and Im running into some problems. The...