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  1. ckenney82

    PH In & Runoff PH Question

    The feeding today went very well. My combined runoff after feeding my two oldest 1.5 ltr and my two others 1 ltr I got a runoff of 1 ltr I was able to get a clear sample of runoff after I let it sit for 5 minutes or so. Runoff came back at 5.5 and Ph of my Feed was 6.2. Can anyone tell me...
  2. S

    8.8pH run off

    Hopefully someone can help. I started some plants in the only soil available to me at the time which was Black Gold which had time release fertilizer incorporated in it. I am pretty confident the plants are in lockout so the other day I ph'd the runoff and it was 8.8. After flushing a 5 gallon...
  3. InTheShed

    Does PPM runoff after feeding reflect what the plant used in the previous feeding?

    New grower here, in soil. Just chopped down my first plant on Tuesday. I recently got a PPM meter which I find a great tool. Here is my question (let's assume no PPM in the water to make this easier): If I always water in flower with 600 PPM nute solution, and this time the first...
  4. G

    No sign of sex after 11 weeks of veg growth

    The only thing at the nodes are the stipules. Also, any idea on the amount of water this plant should receive at feeding/watering? I just give it a gallon, and no runoff occurs. The media is just some basic potting soil from Walmart.
  5. M

    Novice grower - Starting out with coco and need help

    G,day all. I recently purchased a brick of coco,i soaked it in ph 6.0 water 3 times added some dolomite lime, potted it up let it sit for a couple of weeks. next i started some seeds in jiffy pots and planted into pots when ready. Plants have been going well for the past 2 weeks. There does not...
  6. M

    Fabric pots and ppm runoff?

    Still very much a newbie here trying to learn. My runoff has been really high sitting around 1800.. i am courious if the fabric in pots hold salts in and screws with the ppm of the run off? thank you
  7. R

    Valuable lesson learned

    Well I had / have brown / rust spots on leaves. So I automatically assumed fungus, got some organic fungicide. Watered plants as it is water day. Was sitting at the table having supper, guess what I have never got around to checking the PH level of the soil or run off. So tested soil it was...
  8. E

    Newbie help! Can someone please diagnose my plants?

    Hi! I am a complete newbie to growing, first time. I made a box that is reflective from the inside, intake fans, output, led and cfl lights. I have 3 photoperiod plants, KO in soil, a double berry and white widow in coco, all 3 weeks, plus I have two auto flowers in soil, blue berry and...
  9. infiniteJuan

    Measuring Runoff TDS & pH?

    I'm curious if anyone measures their runoff TDS and PH? How should the output compare to the input?
  10. V

    Runoff with soil and chemical vs organic nutrients

    Hi, I am a bit unsure on this, but if you're using chemical nutes, are you still encouraged to do a ~20% runoff as with Coco for example? With this in mind, if I use organic nutes like the Canna line, do I need any runoff at all except for a) just a little to know if I have watered enough...
  11. YodaTheRedEye

    Purple Kush deficiency in veg stage: Need help please!

    Hello all, Here's a quick rundown of what's up: Purple Kush (2 weeks old since cotyledons opened) in soil mix 50/50 FFHP+FFOF w/ 30% perlite. This girl has never been fed nutes other than what's in the soil. She was watered on 02/10/16 w/ distilled water 7.1 pH w/ runoff of 6.09 pH &...
  12. W

    Sugar leaves always yellow and dry up - Why?

    Hi , Just wondering about this problem I always seem to have, sugar leaves always going crispy making buds not look so good,but the rest of the plant is fine, Particulars-- 1.2x2.4x 2.0 grow tent 2 x gavita 1000 pro dimmable lights 8inch extraction with 6inch intake on controller Temps...
  13. P

    Soil pH

    I water with 6.5 ph and the runoff ph is 5 do i need to change soil? and i have many deficiencys when plant hits week 2-3 of flowering.
  14. DRM Ranch

    How are you dialing in nutrients in your hydro grow?

    I suppose beyond doing a drain to waste and collecting the runoff and sending said runoff to a lab for inspection, how do you perfect your nutrient mix at each stage of growth?
  15. I

    FFOF/FFHF and a PH of 4.6? Help anyone?

    Not a big poster...more of a lurker, but I'm having a major issue: Strain - Bubblelicious, Cheese, Papaya (Germ 9 Nov, transplanted 22 Nov) # of Plants - 9 (3 each) Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 3 Gallon Lights - (2) 1 - 600 MH 1 400 MH Nutrients - None Medium - 60%...
  16. C

    How do you collect Your Coco water Runoff?

    Hello there Everyone, I'm on a mission to find the most efficient method to collect runoff water that comes with growing in a coco-based medium. Anyone who has ever grown in coco (or soil) knows that runoff water can be quite a nuisance. Aside from just being plain old messy, runoff water...
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