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  1. spliffas

    SPLF Mixed Garden

    Hello friends! Finally I managed to complete my setup after played with this one: Now don’t know where to start :) let’s start with my set - up and prices. Lumii black 600W digital dimmable ballast - 27£ used from ebay, works fantastic! Lumii black DS 600W HPS lamp (11£ new from ebay)...
  2. Ron Strider

    Russian Media Slam Morgan Freeman Over Investigation Video, Blame "Marijuana Use"

    The actor, Morgan Freeman was featured in a video accusing the Kremlin of an "attack" on the U.S. Russian state media have lashed back at Morgan Freeman over his appearance in the Committee to Investigate Russia's video, in which the veteran Hollywood actor says that the U.S. "came under...
  3. ibrokeit

    Grown these?

    just looking for input on a few strains im growing, a few were freebies. Black Russian shark shock chronic haze jack herrer red afro ak/black dominia
  4. M

    Any idea what might be wrong with my baby?

    IMG 3584 — imgbb.com IMG 3585 — imgbb.com IMG 3586 — imgbb.com This is an auto Russian Haze. About a month flowering. Been giving nutes every other watering. The top side seems like a N toxicity but these spots? Calcium def.? Both of them started like 2-3 days ago. Im aware that it...
  5. DTRave420

    Serious Seeds - White Russian Fem

    - Hello, Strain-Serious Seeds White Russian (fem) Soil- Roots Organic potting soil amended with earthworm castings Veg Nutes- General Organics BioThrive Grow,Bio Marine,CaMg+ Cutting Edge Solutions Sugaree Flower Nutes- General Organics BioThrive Grow,BioBlood Bloom Booster Cutting Edge...
  6. drcannabi

    Drcannabi's - White Russian - Recycled Organic Soil - LED - Teas & Foliar

    Hi friends and neighbors. This is going to be a Serious Seeds White Russian grow journal. As always, I'm constantly trying to find the easiest methods with the least work and best results possible. By results I mean quality of the medicine. Please join in and ask any questions you'd like...