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rust spots

  1. Kilbarrack

    Will This Fix My Rust Problem?

    After looking online, I believe you can use Baking Soda to remove rust. I cant find Baking Soda anywhere.But the person in my local supermarket told me this is the same only stronger. Can someone tell me if this will work? They are still in the veg stage. I've increased ventilation & added a...
  2. A

    White spots on leaves

    Hello, I hope someone can help me with this, white spots on leafs, flowering stage, buds are healthy. Some problems with ph balance, it’s a bit higher than 7, temperature is 23-24, humidity 40-50%. Also on my second plant there is tiny tiny white dots and rust spots on bigger fan leafs:( Leafs...
  3. K

    Rust spots on Indica fan leaves fifth week flowering during flush - First grow

    Well, 45 years ago I had no idea how wrong my growing system was. 'Growlux' was the new light source and produced spindly and foul tasting material. Everything has changed now and with the advent of LED and tent grows I can produce lush green healthy buds. I am following many growers on...
  4. M

    Help a first-time grower girl!

    Growing indoor in a cabinet, good ventilation, 1 month old plants in miracle gro organic mix with lightly pre-fertilized SCOTT's perlite added to the mix. fertilizer: No fertilizer has been used yet. pH: between 7 and 7.3 Light: 400w MH Temp: 77 to 82F Water: I spray a pH neutral tap water with...
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