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rust spots

  1. Northstar 89

    Grower near Ontario needs help

    Hey everyone, New here, have grown on and off indoors for about 10 years. Asking for help with one of my plants, it is 3 weeks into flowering white widow female and it looks like rust color is appearing on leaves (on whole plant) and some leaves were dry crispy to the touch. I run it under a...
  2. T


    Dark rust spots are showing up on this plant only. Im growing 3 different strains. No idea what to do
  3. D

    Rust and yellowing

    Hey guys been a while since I've posted. I recently have taken my first swing at this beautiful art. But it's hardly art to start with lol. So I've been running three purple punch autos of two different ages one in 15l smart pot in canna terra seed mix soil(which someone found out fir me should...
  4. N

    Leaves Curling Up & Taco-ing With Rust Spots

    Hey everyone, I just noticed my plants don’t look as healthy as they did a few days ago. I’m growing in 8” Grodan Blocks placed on top of Grodan Grow Slabs with slits cut at the bottom to help water flow out. I have made some changes to my grow tent lately (5x5x6.5 tall) so I’m wondering if any...
  5. L

    Rust fungi on seedling?

    Hey, I noticed there is 1 small orange spot on one of the leaves of my Royal Dwarf Auto seedling. I searched online and the closest looking thing I found was rust fungi infection. I am pretty worried since this is my first grow and Im not sure what I did wrong... Up until just today I had it on...
  6. WestCountryGrower

    Rusty spots, yellowing and really dark brown edges of leaf

    My leaves are looking good overall, but some have dark brown edges and some have rusty spots all over. I put some photos in the thread... anyone? Super soil medium Green planet nutes Nukens Strain Recently started a kelp and cal mag to try and help this. Just flipped 6 days ago Thanks guys...
  7. D

    Rusty looking spot on upper leaves

    Hello I have an Auto JH plant that has been flowering for 4 weeks. I just noticed these rust spots on my upper leaves. What can I do to correct this problem? Thank you in advanced for your help
  8. F

    Plant problems

    Good afternoon everyone I am experiencing a few issues with my plants and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on. The first issue may be what is leading to the second issue. Issue 1 when I mix my nutes this is what I have tried. 1 gallon water room temperature, I then add the pure...
  9. Kilbarrack

    Will This Fix My Rust Problem?

    After looking online, I believe you can use Baking Soda to remove rust. I cant find Baking Soda anywhere.But the person in my local supermarket told me this is the same only stronger. Can someone tell me if this will work? They are still in the veg stage. I've increased ventilation & added a...
  10. A

    White spots on leaves

    Hello, I hope someone can help me with this, white spots on leafs, flowering stage, buds are healthy. Some problems with ph balance, it’s a bit higher than 7, temperature is 23-24, humidity 40-50%. Also on my second plant there is tiny tiny white dots and rust spots on bigger fan leafs:( Leafs...
  11. K

    Rust spots on Indica fan leaves fifth week flowering during flush - First grow

    Well, 45 years ago I had no idea how wrong my growing system was. 'Growlux' was the new light source and produced spindly and foul tasting material. Everything has changed now and with the advent of LED and tent grows I can produce lush green healthy buds. I am following many growers on...
  12. M

    Help a first-time grower girl!

    Growing indoor in a cabinet, good ventilation, 1 month old plants in miracle gro organic mix with lightly pre-fertilized SCOTT's perlite added to the mix. fertilizer: No fertilizer has been used yet. pH: between 7 and 7.3 Light: 400w MH Temp: 77 to 82F Water: I spray a pH neutral tap water with...
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