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  1. B

    Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on?

    Some leaves have a rust color to them. Small spots that’s start around the veins and tips and then spreads to the whole leaf. I’m not sure if it’s rust, lockout, or deficiency. I grow in coco and water at 6.5 every 2 days with dechlorinated tap water. It was fine up until it just wasn’t. Please...
  2. G

    Second Attempt Autos!

    Hi everyone 9 days into my second grow. Ive learnt alot from my first attempt and thanks to everyone that gave me feedback on my previous thread. Using LEDs, a fan and putting plants outside on sunny days. Getting at least 20 hours of light out of 24. Careful watering around plant only when...
  3. S

    Really severe nutrient issue - Please advise

    So it all started about a week ago, I got these little red rust spots on my leaves. It's held steady so far with some very mild yellowing leaves but I decided to change res so that I could refresh its nutrients. All of a sudden an hour later its excacerbated greatly and now is worstening by the...
  4. K

    Needle size rust

    Rust spotting? As progression happens worsens on veins...purple stem...small needle size spot?
  5. McSmokin

    Plants are starting to get mad

    What do you guys think, pH issue? Im growing 60/40 coco/perlite mix. Feeding about 940 ppms at around 6.0 pH once a day. Also foliar feeding as soon as lights go out with a few drops of seaweed extract per 12 oz of RO water. Its mostly effecting only one strain, as I have three plants/two...
  6. LabMan

    Calcium Deficiency?

    This is a 4 week old auto that has been vegged under LED lighting. I just started to notice the rust looking spots a couple days ago. Also the tips of a few leaves are bending at a 90 degree angle and pointing straight up, but they are green and not burnt. I havnt really given her much cal/mag...
  7. Stoney Roads

    Rust spot on seedling - Growing in coco

    Hello I have a WW I'm growing in coco that has started to get little rust spots on it. I am using RO Distilled water with GH Go Box for Nutes. I am fees 2x a day with a ppm of around 350-400 with. Ph 5.5-5.8. I am wondering if maybe I have a lockout of some kind because I give it about 150 ppm...
  8. A

    Help got rust 3 1/2 weeks into flower

    got rust on my babies! on older fan leaves, towards the uper half of plant. Would like to find out how to get rid of it. I grow DWC and try tokeep my ph between 6.5 and 6.8. I'm coming up to a change of water, as the last few days i've been topping up with 5 ltrs of PH'd water every day they...
  9. brettweir

    Orange rust spots on older leaves: Pics

    Hey guys, I'm doing my second CFL grow and already I'm experiencing weird stuff with my one plant. I'm growing Joey Weed's White Russian and what started was the older leaves began getting these orange, almost rust-like spots on them. The seedling was transplanted into this soil about 2 1/2...
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