1. Ron Strider

    PA: After Four-Year Battle, Family Rejoices Over Access To Medical Marijuana

    Diana Briggs sees this as the start of the end of a four-year battle to convince politicians, and now doctors, to help her son. Friday morning, Ms. Briggs, 47, husband Michael, 48, and daughters Alexis, 21, and Hailey, 12, will drive from their Export, Westmoreland County home to the...
  2. Ron Strider

    CA: Pot Found Dumped In Store Parking Lot

    Erin Ryan knows what it's like going viral on the internet. "This thing is blowing up," she said Monday. This "thing" was a large pile of marijuana apparently deliberately dumped Saturday in the parking lot at WinCo Foods in Redding. Ryan, who posted on Facebook a photo of the big pile of pot...
  3. Ron Strider

    How One Man Grew A Profitable Marijuana Business From Scratch

    You know what they say: when you have lemons, make lemonade. Or as Ryan Shaw would say, when you have marijuana, make a marijuana business. While working in e-commerce business in Florida, an investor asked him about his opinion on marijuana legalization in Colorado. For $2,000, Ryan said he...
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    Wanna match on a blunt with the new guy?

    Um...yeah haha. I'm Ryan:rollit:. I'm from the Bay Area in California. I like to burn, drink, burn, burn, roll, burn, and chill. I also enjoy skating. Let's talk?
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