ryder cfl lst scrog

  1. Pinktiger777

    Completed Pink's Perpetual Experiments

    Welcome to my newest journal, all! Those of you who have seen my previous efforts will know that I often jump off the train and then wonder why my legs are broken or worse. I call these efforts "my experiments." I really can't help it. A purely perfect grow, with everything going just peachy...
  2. Madmunchies

    Completed #1 Stealth Dresser Growbox - Afghan Kush Ryder Auto By WoS - CFL/LST/Scrog

    Hello fellow stoners, growers and the rest of the 420 community, this would be my first actual indoor grow and journal, ever. As well as my first post on this wonderful forum, although I have been lurking around for a while before actually deciding to create an account and join everybody else...
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