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  1. F

    Snow Ryder Automatic Week 9

  2. B

    Blackit's Soil Kerala Krush x Purple Ryder Grow Journal - 2017

    Wellcome to my first journal. I started a few days ago. Bucket Size - 3.2 gallon Medium - 30% perlite 70% Soil Lights - 300w LED Nutrients - Pack pH Perfect® GROW, MICRO, BLOOM ; Voodoo Juice of Advanced Nutrients Strain(s) - 2 Auto Regular Kerala Krush x 2 Auto Fem Purple Ryder. # of...
  3. K

    Nirvana Short Ryder

    This is my first grow journal. Going with a freebie from The Single Seed Centre. Using a 3 gallon smart pot using Fox farms ocean/happy frog. 50/50 with some perilite mixed in and topped with some clay pellets. Ph water at 6.0. Growing outdoors during teh day then under a 120 watt 6500k bulb at...
  4. M

    Problem with height of plant - Want short and fat

    Hello, I have a slight concern of the height of my strain and looking to get some help. The strain I m using is "Berry Ryder" from Autoseeds (Female auto) I used the Berry Ryder before and it worked fine, but they grew a little big for my taste, I would a more shorter and bushier plant...
  5. Bill the Cat

    Bill The Cat's LED Coco Grow - Afghan Ryder Kush Auto & Pakistan Ryder Auto

    Hi Everyone I've been growing for about 2-3 years trying to learn on my own by taking what sounds logical off the net. I've had limited success, some decent some not so much. Have been lurking here for a while so figured I try a journal and get some knowledgeable help. Here's my info: 1...
  6. P

    Berry Ryder

    Hey all here i am with u and with my new best friend she's only 15cm so we need ur suport friends , what u can sugest 4 as how to get more yield amm how to double up this all think
  7. farside05

    Farside05's 2nd Auto Grow Journal - Multiple Strains

    OK, my 1st grow was a learning experience. Hopefully I learned something and this one will turn out better. Here are the particulars: Strains = 2 - Sweet Trainwreck (Sweets Seeds), 1 - Ice Cool (Sweet Seeds), 1 - Rhino Ryder (Fastbud Seeds) Soil = Pro-Mix BX + 20% Perlite Container = 3...
  8. P

    What autoflower strain would you get - Short Ryder Auto or Berry Ryder Auto?

    Im getting seeds from mj seeds canada. I need a strain that will grow under 24 inches tall. I have a choice betwen there short ryder or there auto berry ryder. Which would you get ?