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  1. Boys pollen

    Boys pollen

  2. Sac on Bubba Kush

    Sac on Bubba Kush

    This appeared on week 6 approximately. They were clones
  3. K

    Help - Herm or new growth - Blue Dream week 4

  4. V

    Is this a hermie?

    Hey Everyone New to this site got a question that I posted on a different forum and i received a split answer. i am around week 7 in flowering and I find something that resembles a sac just wanted some others option if this looks like a hermie plant thanks
  5. B

    Is This Plant a Hermie?

    Check it out. This is obviously the top cola. About 2 weeks into flowering. My other plant is way hairier, and has tons of trichomes, with no visible bulb (sac) looking things in the top cola. This one, on the other hand... Has visible acorn looking sacs and little hairs, and pretty much no...
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