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    Hawaiian Lights - Male Flower
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  3. J

    Weird Preflower

    I have one Feminized LA Confidential that is a bit different than any other plant I remember having. It is just beginning to preflower, but where I would expect pistils, it almost looks like male pollen sacks, and almost like it's growing more leaves, even though it is currently in 12/12. Has...
  4. Ron Strider

    Large Marijuana Delivery Seized Near Mekong River

    Officials seized 610 kilograms of compressed marijuana slabs being delivered by smugglers using a tributary of the Mekong River in Tha Uthen district late on Sunday night. Provincial Governor Somchai Witdamrong told a news conference on Monday that a navy patrol came across people unloading...
  5. B


    Hi this is my first in door grow, iam growing in soil ,iam at my second week of flower 12/12 and just noticed my ak 47 developed small sacks ,i removed the sacks with tweezers that i could find on plant ,noticed white powder spilled out one off the sacks ,i spayed the powder with a fine mist of...
  6. A

    Do my autoflower buds look ok?

    Hi, this is my first grow, i have been looking at pictures of male plants and pollen sacks and got myself all worked up about my lady's buds possibly having sacks in them! I think im just worrying but can u experienced folk please cast ur eyes over these pics and let me know what u think please...
  7. Stinky Snid

    All feminized seeds? Or what?

    If I had a female plant that early on in flowering developed "6 total" pollen sacks on various branches at various times in a few days span (week #2). Possibly due to me forgeting she was asleep when I checked her early one morning after waking up earlier than usual. You know, , my routine...
  8. T

    Pollen sack storage?

    What is the best way to store pollen sacks? Can you use a plastic baggy?
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