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sad looking plants

  1. CharlieG

    Strange spots on leaves can anyone help?

    So here are my sad looking girls. bit of a back story, I started to get lots of white flys in my tent so i decided I'd wipe down the leaves and give a good dowsting of water and neem oil. Fast forward 4 days and this is the result. I figure maybe too much neem oil on the leaves and the light...
  2. M

    Nute lockout or multiple deficiencies?

    Bear with me, I'm a noob, first time grower diving in head first in the deep end. I got two clones 8/31. OG kush and sour D. I am doing a closet grow, starting with a t5 fluorescent bulb and Fox farms ocean forest medium but just switched to a 150 Watt hps about two weeks ago. Everything was...
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