sage n sour

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    11 day seedlings ,24h
  2. D

    My First Grow! DWC - GSC & Sour Sage - The Grow Tent

    Hi Friends! Welcome to my first grow! I'm very new to this, no experience infact. All the choices I make come from blog posts and YouTube videos. If you see me doing something obviously wrong, please let me know. On the other hand if you see me doing something right, I'd also love to know as...
  3. Marzbadrock

    Completed A Few New Ladies

    Decided to try some new strains, I ordered from attitude and my order got seized by customs, they promptly reshipped and I received my second order in under two weeks. The first seeds I cracked were Critical hog Green crack....let's call it green monster Pineapple chunk Sage n sour
  4. M

    Completed My 1st MI Med Grow Journal 2011

    hey people thanks for stopping by, let me catch you up. set up: 5x5 grow tent 1000watt switchable in air cooled hood 6" 140cfm inline fan with ducting for hood 4" 190cfm can fan with carbon scrubber 3.5 gallon grow bags %80 ffof %20 roots organic technaflora and advanced nutrients CO2...
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