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  1. Bud052

    First Grow Hydro LED

    Here is the info: What strain is it? 4 Plants (will I have room in a 4x4 tent?) Acorn, also known as “Akorn” or “Snowbud,” Indoor grow Outsunny 4x4x6.5 grow tent MARSII 1200W LED for Veg and Bloom Hydro grow with Expanded clay pellets soaked in PH water for 24hrs before placing in the 2 gallon...
  2. Ron Strider

    The 1 Word That Should Keep Marijuana Stock Investors Up At Night

    Investors, in general, have plenty of things to be concerned about. The current bull market is getting long in the tooth. Another economic recession is overdue based on historical patterns. Stock valuations are high overall. Marijuana stock investors have even more to worry about. There's...
  3. T

    Himalayan Salt Lamp For Natural Negative Ions?

    Could someone use a Himalayan salt lamp in their grow tent/space to generate negative ions naturally?
  4. U

    What impact may a salt water purifier have on my plants?

    Hi I am about to start a batch of nl auto but realized that my home needs a salt purifier system to treat my water, will this affect my plants even if i keep my ph level at about 6.5 in anyways?
  5. K

    Eating Green - Spear This 'Cannasparagus' Combo

    Cannabis and the world of culinary arts are just meant to be. In fact, there are many secrets to cooking with the herb that you may not have known about. Especially since ingestion offers multiple benefits over smoking and inhaling the cannabinoids, there are chefs all over the world dedicating...
  6. R

    Utah Marijuana Legalization 2016: Latest On Medical Marijuana Debate

    The battle for marijuana legalization in Utah has been an intense fight on both sides. Sen. Mark Madsen, who sponsored a bill in 2015 that would legalize the use of medical marijuana, now has to face an even more challenging opponent: the Mormon church. "Along with others, we have expressed...
  7. S

    Saliva Pre-Employment Substance Screening

    The last time I smoked was on a Sunday @ 12 pm and I have a Saliva drug test on Wednesday @ 3 pm. Since I'm not a phene, and know the virtues of patience I have been able to maintain sober for a period of 52 hours and counting, but my dilemma is............while on my off time I began to clean...
  8. S

    White bumps on bottom of stem and branches

    At the 8th week or so of veg I noticed white bumps on the bottom 4inches of a couple of my plants.If I rub them enough they will rub off and my finger then smells very good. My plants seem very healthy... I first thought it could be mold of salt build up,but now I think it is thc build up, could...
  9. K

    Smoking Resin Removed with Saltwater

    First post, be gentle. Here's what I did: I boiled a pipe in saltwater for awhile and ran the water through a clean strainer. I ran water from my sink into my pipe that emptied the remaining resin into the same strainer. I ran clean water through the strainer to rinse the remaining salt...
  10. T

    Salt or Mold?

    I see this white stuff on the edge of the rapid rooter....is it mold or is it just salt build up? Please help!!!! And thanks in advance for any helpful info!!!!
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