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    RO Water & Epsom Salts

    Hey guys Sorry I know there is a ton of info on this already but I have a question that I just can't seem to find an exact answer too. Ive been using RO water for a while now and I have a few questions about Calmag and epsom salts. My first question, which I think i know the answer too...
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    Epsom salts

    Hi peeps I am about to mix up my next batch of soil. Last one went well with the only noticable problem being magnesium(and those little gnat bastards). I added dolomite lime to balance the ph but it musnt have provided enough magnesium for growing under leds... How much epsom salts can i add...
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    What Are Salts?

    80% of people who think of salts think about what we use on our foods. That is known as sodium chloride. However when we're talking about our plants and getting salt build-up or flushing salts we are talking about a variety of salts. This salt we have stuck to our definition has been forced...
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