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  1. S

    Can cannabis grow in sand?

    Hi It's not an easy thing here where I live to get soil and fertilizers, even seeds are impossible to buy! that's why the lack of utilities, anyway, Is there a chance of living for a seed that been planted in yellow sands!? if so, would you please share some ideas if there any to improve...
  2. beez0404

    Using sand to keep pests out of my soil - But one question about this

    I have read a few posts where growers have put a layer of sand on top of their growing media to keep gnats and other critters out of their soil. I have two plants growing outside in Foxfarm soil. The plants are very small yet and the sun is hot. I know when I got to the beach the sand is so...
  3. improvise

    What's going on?

    Interesting good or bad. I wanted to go organic and made up a batch of medium which contained some of my old mix,perlite,cocoa,peat.sharp sand,horse and cow manure. This is happening. regards.
  4. Ghost Post

    Coco, Sand and Perilite

    . Coco , Sand and Perilite... That's my "Medium" from there I put Peat, EWC,Bone Meal, Organic Compost and a pinch of Dolomite Lime to help balanced PH... From THIS montage of mix I add "Teas" I use Alaska brand Fish Fertilizers... Different ones for Veg 5-1-1 or Bloom 0-10-10 They have a...
  5. millergd77

    Have a few questions about fungus gnats etc

    Hello everyone, Kind of new here, have been reading a lot. I'm wondering if I could get some help here... I ran into a problem with fungus gnats, used a few different things and then did a transplant, all seemed well.. now I'm starting to see them again... I believe that I bought them...