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  1. Ron Strider

    Sandoval Against Nevada Marijuana Lounges

    Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval on Tuesday said he opposes marijuana lounges and is concerned such facilities could spark the ire of the federal government. Sandoval said his position has not changed since the spring, when his opposition to lounges where patrons can use marijuana helped kill a...
  2. K

    Nevada Moving Forward With Recreational Marijuana Plans

    Carson City – Gov. Brian Sandoval says the state must get ready for allowing voter-approved recreational marijuana, despite the uncertainty of whether the federal government will crack down on the possession and sale of the drug. Sandoval, who opposed recreational marijuana, named a 19-member...
  3. K

    Sandoval Proposes 10% Marijuana Tax For Nevada Schools

    Gov. Brian Sandoval is proposing a 10 percent excise tax on retail marijuana sales once the recreational industry gets moving in Nevada. Sandoval made the announcement during his State of the State address on Tuesday in Carson City. The proposed tax would raise $69 million, which would...