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    Abandoned RDWC Crazy Crosses Under 700W LEDs

    Hello all. Been doing this for awhile but still learning all the time. What I have here are some ladies hopefully under leds. I crossed Sannies extrema with kollosuss. I also crossed Greenhouse Moby Dick with Sannies Selene. This is a cross between all those. Why? Just because. I'm using a self...
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    Completed Hericules By Sannie's - Personal Legal Medical Grow by Cro0ked.Leaf

    Strain: Hericules (Herijuana x Shack) Breeder: Sannie 2 of 2: Successfully Germinated 2 Plant SCROG Tent: 4' W x 2' D x 5' H Ventilation: 4" inline booster — Blowing IN // 4" Hurricane InLine Fan with Carbon Filter — Sucking OUT. Lighting: Veg — T5 4ft x 6 Bulb, 4 Veg Bulbs 2...
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    HGS or Sannies?

    Well, I think these are the two vendors I would like to try. I have bought from the Attitude once before, but that's about it. I like the strains the Attitude carries, but there are SO many breeders I just feel like the chances of getting a bad pheno are much higher than the desired trait...
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