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  1. Massdrop

    47% off Magic Flight Laser Etched Vaporizer, 33% off Santa Cruz Shredder Omni Nail

    Hey Guys, We are running buys on the Magic Flight Launch Box Laser Etched Vaporizer (47% off - $79.99) Santa Cruz Shredder Omni Nail (33% off - $109.99) Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.0 (30% off - $54.99) Magic Flight Water Pipe Whip (17% off - $24.99) MFLB...
  2. Massdrop

    27% Off Santa Cruz Shredder - 33% Off Santa Cruz Shredder Omni Nail

    Hey Everyone, Massdrop is currently running buys on the Santa Cruz Shredder (27% off - $54.99) Santa Cruz Shredder Omni Nail (33% off - $109.99) and the Kangertech Protank III (25% off - $14.99) Please PM me or email me if you have any questions! Thanks, Kunal...
  3. A

    Santa Cruz Cal. Need Med MJ doc

    Looking to fihgure out where to start in locating an Med MJ doc ,,Family man with kids cant take chances on the street no more !!!!!! Rx for prozac and trazadone are just to many bad side effects and Mj works much much better ,, Anyone got any know how in how and where I might go ???? PLEASE...
  4. A

    Greetings from Santa Cruz :)

    Hey all Of course Im new here or I wouldnt be posting in this section Eh ???? Long time since I stopped smoking but my life partner is a daily smoker instead of pills for insomnia and social anxiety. Docs wanna load him up on all kinds of crap but we take the more naturalistic approach and he...
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