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sativa and hybrid

  1. 20180530_125027.jpg


    Sativa hybrid week 5 flowering
  2. 20180527_135309.jpg


    Sativa hybrid last day of week 4 of the flowering period
  3. Greenwing blunt

    Hey Guys First Time Member - Just Wanted To Share My Grow With You All

    Not shore if I am posting this in the right thread but here I am. This is my lady she is a sativa hybrid grown under a 600 watt hps using coco part A and B along with bio and bloom excalarator and pk topup, she is currently 3 weeks into flowering but I will post the photos week one from...
  4. 20180516_123048.jpg


    Week 2 of the flowering stage
  5. 20180517_105754.jpg


    Flowing sativa
  6. 20180517_124133.jpg


    Sativa week 3 of flowering
  7. neikodog

    Neikodog's High Brix Sativas

    Welcome everyone to my 3rd journal. I've been out of the journal game for a bit and figured after the gangs trip to Jamaica I would start a new one. The Setup: 2 4x4 gorilla grow tents for flower. Lighting: All LED all unsponsered for flower. T-5 and unsponsered Veg LED for Veg. Soil: Doc...