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  1. Crashdog

    Another newb from Massachusetts saying hi

    Let me start out by saying thanks to all the posters on this forum. I went back and reviewed all the IE Favorites (and there's a lot) I made during research so far and most of them are from this site. So thanks again for that. A little history - I've only smoked about 10 times. Last time...
  2. M

    New grower saying hi!

    Just wanted to say hello and thank you. Ive been lurking the forums and learning a lot in preparation of my first grow which is now going into week 2. Iv decided to take it upon myself to grow natures medicine for a repetitive back muscle injury that has been bothering me for many years...
  3. R

    How can the DEA make decisions autonomously?

    I'm` curious how can a agency make a decision like scheduling by it self, It seems to me they are not qualified to make they are not scientist of any kind. I also remember reading that to obtain a government grant and permission and do the research could show the Negative results pretty...
  4. M

    Just saying hi

    Hi all Have been browsing forum for a while now in build up to my first grow. Im dead set on keeping it all organic hence the username so no doubt i will need some of the forums wisdom at some point haha Hope you all are well!