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  1. C

    Pass a DOT urinalysis - I just did in 2 weeks plus a random pass technique

    So I have to take both random and scheduled drug tests. I use sub solution prank urine with a thigh strap and it works. It's the best if not monitored because you can heat it with the provided warming powder in seconds...but you must shake the bottle so be ready to gently shake it for 30 seconds...
  2. Ron Strider

    World Health Organization: CBD Should Not Be A Scheduled Substance

    The World Health Organization, the health agency of the United Nations, has officially recommended that cannabidiol (CBD) not be internationally scheduled as a controlled substance. WHO research on CBD's therapeutic use and side effects found that the cannabinoid was not a public danger...
  3. K

    AR: Slew Of Marijuana Bills Headed To Committee Today

    Eleven bills addressing the state's medical marijuana program are scheduled to go before legislative committees today. Ten of the bills were filed in the House of Representatives and will be discussed in the House Rules Committee. The eleventh bill was introduced in the Senate and will be...
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