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  1. Ron Strider

    Burgeoning Marijuana Industry Has A Growing Need For Scientists

    People don't immediately associate the marijuana industry with science but if you are a scientist, or plan to become one, it’s an association you will want to give some consideration. Typical jobs in the cannabis industry include budtender, cannabis trimming, packaging, grower and positions in...
  2. Ron Strider

    Israel: Cannabis Startups Are Flourishing

    I want to follow up on two subjects that generate a lot of comments and investment inquiries from my Seeking Alpha articles: · Pharmaceutical companies developing cannabis-based products, and · Investment opportunities in Israel-based companies developing and commercializing medicines...
  3. K

    The DEA's Decision To Keep Pot Restrictions Perpetuates Hypocrisy

    In early August the Drug Enforcement Administration declined to reclassify marijuana under the federal Controlled Substances Act. The drug is currently listed on Schedule I, meaning that it is viewed as having "no currently accepted medical use in treatment" and is therefore technically banned...
  4. 4

    New Medibles (Edibles) have revolutionary properties as scientists are learning

    Green Daze has discovered a group of scientists who are working hand in hand with the medical marijuana industry in an attempt to legitimize the medical use of cannabis and its extracts. Currently, many of the edibles and medibles found in clubs/dispensaries and the like are targeted solely at...
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