1. Scottishweed

    New Scottish Grower

    Hi folks, I'm a keen new grower from the bonnie banks of Scotland. Having read up for the last 6months on how to do this properly and I still know nothing, so thought I'd just jump in the deep end and get my greenthumbs. I'm growing 4 plants at the moment I have a White Widow, Triple G...
  2. Ron Strider

    Scotland: Thousands Of Scots Caught With Cannabis Let Off With A Warning

    Police Scotland issued nearly 6,000 warnings for cannabis possession as an alternative to prosecution in the first year of a controversial new scheme. Figures obtained by Scotland on Sunday show officers handed out a total of 5,827 Recorded Police Warnings (RPWs) in 2016/17, equivalent to...
  3. C

    Looking for any advice on my first grow Scotland

    Allright troops, I've got fed up buying and it's Time to supply myself. I don't want it indoors so I'm kitting out a shed with some skill. I'm framing out a secure area insulated and plyd of 1.8mx1.3m and then putting a 1mx1mx1.6m kingspanned and plyd grow box inside that. So I can have a small...
  4. T

    Advice on my 2nd grow with flouro's

    Hey y'all, last year i grew 5 super skunk plants from seeds donated to me by a friend, it was the first time i have ever tried growing and knew little about it... I purchased two 4ft flouros from an aquarium shop, 1 that was 40w with a strong blue colour and a second 30w flouro with a warm...
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