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  1. 60's Old Timer

    Scotts Miracle Grow Purchases General Hydroponics, Sunlight Supply And Others

    MODERATOR: Please delete if inappropriate Note that I am new to the 420 Forums but not MJ Grows & MMJ. I have heard for years about the Scotts products & especially their Miracle Grow being like "poison" to our grows. There are 20+ links to this topic, so below I just pasted one if you want...
  2. Ron Strider

    The 1 Marijuana Stock That Can Thrive, Even If Jeff Sessions Cracks Down On Weed

    The marijuana industry is growing like a weed. Sure, the pun is eye-roll worthy, but it accurately describes the superior growth rates at the moment for legal cannabis. According to leading cannabis research firm ArcView, North American legal-weed sales are expected to grow from just $6.9...
  3. Ron Strider

    3 Marijuana Stocks To Buy If You've Never Bought A Marijuana Stock

    Unless you've been hiding in a cave somewhere, you're probably aware that the marijuana industry is booming. With many U.S. states legalizing medical marijuana, several legalizing recreational marijuana, and Canada considering making recreational marijuana legal nationwide, demand is greater...
  4. K

    Cannabis Capitalist - Scotts Miracle-Gro CEO Bets Big On Pot Growers

    Strapped into the pilot's seat of his private jet, Scotts Miracle-Gro CEO Jim Hagedorn thrusts the throttle forward and hurtles down the runway, a typical start to the day for the former F-16 fighter pilot, who commutes 500 miles from his home on Long Island, N.Y. to his office outside Columbus...