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  1. X

    Deficiency on my Girl Scout Cookies - Anyone know?

    Not sure what deficiency I have on some of the top leaves starting on my girl scout cookies. its in mid flower and I am using nectar for the gods line in coco coir. I ph to 6.0- 6.1 before I water.
  2. C

    CanabaMan's Soil GirlScoutCookies Grow Journal - 2016

    Hey guys and gals, This thread will act as my first grow journal + Introduction to the forum! So hello! Here is a little info on the strain that I am growing (quick backstory on this, I picked up a few seeds from a Medi Marijuana dealer in Colorado.) So the info is a quick copy and paste of...
  3. NoobGrowUtube

    Auto Fastbuds - Girl Scout Cookies & LSD-25

    Come check me out
  4. db003

    Db003's Girl Scout Cookies Auto - Coco - Mars II 700

    hello everyone I am db003 and welcome to my grow this will be a grow journal log of the girl scout cookies that I will be growing I got good news and I got bad news first the good news I just put my girl scout cookies seeds for the contest in water to germinate now for the bad news it...
  5. S

    Fastbuds Girl Scout Cookies

    Just want to show off these Amazing Girl Scout Cookies. From FastBuds. The smell so amazing and the trichome production is just superior
  6. PurpleGunRack

    Auto Girl Scout Cookies - Fast Buds

    I recently grew 2 Auto Girl Scout Cookies from Fast Buds and ended up with two quite different plants one lanky and dark and one short and white. Girl Scout Cookies #1 Smell: Skunky/earthy 7/10 Taste: Sweet, full body smoke with hints of mint and chocolate 9/10 Effect: Strong...
  7. K

    Ktcg First Grow - Girl Scout Cookies From Seed Outside My Door

    this is my first post and this was my first grow. i took a lot of pics! And I'm almost a week into flowering on my second grow (4 pineapple express tent, LED), which I will post about in the journals in progress. Nice to meet everyone and great site! kyle Strain: some kind of Girl Scout...
  8. S

    Girl Scout Cookies XTRM - GSC x White Widow - Anyone grown it? Need help

    pretty much i thought i was being scam when i brought 10 fems off ams but iv been told its ok an there safe. just wanna know if this strain is real or not girl scout cross widow and any info on ams ::::::amsterdammarijuanaseeds......com:420:
  9. cannilingus

    Girl Scout Cookies

  10. KbCobra

    KbCobra's 5 Soil Girl Scout Cookies Grow

    Bucket Size - 1gal-10 gal (soon) smart pots Medium - Roots organic with 25% perlite Lights -T5 then 600w MH/HPS Nutrients - general hydroponics/resinator nutes Strain(s) - Girl scout cookies # of Plants: 5 These are clones i got from a grower I have known for several years. The mother's fem...
  11. jandre2k3

    Jandre2k3s - Strain Info Only Platinum Cookies - Veg Cycle For Cloning

    PLATINUM COOKIES (CLONE ONLY) Platinum OG x GSC The Platinum Cookies strain is a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies with effects that are best described as spacey and relaxing; it is an Indica-dominant hybrid. There has been a great deal of hype about the Girl Scout Cookies strain since it burst...