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  1. gr865

    Stacked 315W 5 Plant Vertical With Screens

    Got up this AM bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to go. Pulled the plants out of the tent bound and tuck them to the screens and am ready to start setting up my drip system. Maybe two are so more hand waterings. Just put the ladies on the screens. I am running two 315's, one vert and one...
  2. SewStoned

    Looking for 65m/95m/125micron screen in quantity

    Id like to make some nice kief / hash boxes but cant find a good source for the screens, preferably in Canada. Need 65, 95 and 125 micron. Anyone? **EDIT**. I dont need 6 inches, im looking for feet or rolls of the stuff!
  3. M

    Do regular screens, like for windows, change the UV from being spotted over head?

    I grew some 5' plants outside, just beautiful girls!, and placed screens overhead as someone told me that would change the heat and UV (or whatever the term is?) so they wouldnt be spotted from over head? It was a wonderful grow and I wish I still lived there. My set up looked like a screen...
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