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    Major problem please help - 5 weeks into flower

    Made a huge mistake and think I have completely fcked it ! :( I have 6 plants under a 400hps in a grow tent. Started out in my wardrobe under a CFL. Vegged for ages and then moved them into the tent under the new light and roughly 5 weeks ago did the switch. I have no clue what I'm doing other...
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    Hello everyone looking to learn

    Hello evereryone. I am 50yrs old I have esophageal cancer stage 3 & in 1 lympnode went through 29 radiation treatments & 2 months of chemo with 2 diff kinds of chemo 1. Cisplatin & 5Fu The cisplatin screwed up my hearing, permanent hearing loss and bad ringing in my ears. While it is...
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    I screwed up & now have seeds

    yeah so i know i screwed up somewhere and found seed in a bunch of clippings....they hermie on me? light leaks or temp stress perhaps? obviously i didnt know what i was looking at.. what do i do with these now? seeds worthless? check my journal..