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  1. strawberry cake

    strawberry cake

    strawberry cake scrog
  2. P

    Papa Wheelie's First Grow - Love Potion #9 Indoor Monster Crop Scrog

    Papa Wheelie's first grow indoor monster crop scrog I was fortunate to get a couple of clones from a friend late last summer. I put them in a flower box on my deck and they did very poorly do to lack of sun attention and growers knowledge. At the end of the season they were in flower with...
  3. Magnus8

    Magnus8's - Coco Coir - Big Bud & Pineapple Express - First Grow Ever! - Grow Journal

    H'lo all! Well, I'm ringing in the New Year with a celebratory grow (actually, I've been planning it for a long time). I'm growing two Big Bud seeds and two Pineapple Express seeds. This is my first grow ever. I have never grown cannabis before. Hell, I've never even grown tomatoes before...
  4. Cdogg

    New grower new member currently scrogging Shining Silver Haze

    Hey guys check out my grow journal in my signature 6 x shining silver haze 300w cfl/600w MH/ 600w hps I'm in week three of flower and all is looking gooood :thumb: I've already had some help getting used to the site and am really happy and grateful I picked :420: Peace
  5. G

    Steveo`s First Grow - LED - Feminized White Widow

    Whats up guys! I told you it was coming here it is, Supplies: Seed: feminized white widow Plants: 1, 5 gallon smartpot Grow tent: milliard 36'' x 20'' x63'' Led light:mars hydro 480 watt with apollo horticulture adjustable grow light rope hangers and hydrofarm 7 day digital timer airflow...
  6. CO Finest

    Crop King Seeds Start To Finish With Mars Hydro LED

    Whats up 420 Mag!!! This is going to be a start to finish on all of my Crop King Seeds. That means every step. I want to start by thank you all for stopping by I appreciate you all taking your time to do so. I know I have done a few grows here already but.... This ones going to have autos...
  7. R

    Scrog setup maximum yield

    Hello! We are a couple of friends planning to do a Scrog-grow. Setup: 600w hps or 1000w hps. Tent size 120x120x200 / 4x4 (maybe bigger, but small as possible) Sativa plant Scrog coco Were aiming to do 37oz or more. Do we need a bigger setup/tent? i want to keep it small as possible. :Namaste: