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  1. D

    Auto Duck - Indoor & Outdoor - Soil - UK - Freak Strain

    Strain = Auto Duck (DP) Sativa Dom Journal Started from germination Flowering = 12 weeks from seed to harvest Started indoor - Finish outdoor Soil = 50% peat moss based compost + 25% Perlite + 25% Vermiculite 8L Root Nurse fabric pot (May pot-up when putting outside. as its a 12 week auto...
  2. coralman

    Critical Kush - Coco - 1000W - 5x5

    This is my first serious indoor grow so will need help as i go along so thanks in advance to the people subbed.... 5x5 Roof cube 1000w dual spec with dimmable ballast cool tube rhino 6inch fan and filter Growin Critical Kush from barneys farm 5 gallon pots Coco Fox farm trio with advanced cal...