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  1. Verbalist

    Bud, popcorn, growth under the ScrOG?

    Hello fellow growers! Im having a kind of a dillema. Should I trim/cut off those popcorn buds under the scrog net? As you can see from the pictures I wanna focus the bud growth above the net to achieve (maybe a bit less) but more dense buds. So does those small popcorns which are a bit...
  2. Scrog net

    Scrog net

    In the tent but now the work begins on a little weave. When you see it next it will be finished
  3. Scrog net

    Scrog net

    another idea of how it is with no plants
  4. Scrog net leg

    Scrog net leg

    1 of 6 possible legs
  5. Scrog net

    Scrog net

    loose fit needs pins or something keep it together while carrying. bar in middle in case I have all filled or run only half
  6. DSC_0018.JPG


  7. samsara spicy white devil

    samsara spicy white devil

    spicy white devil flushed and ready for the chop
  8. double waterfarm scrogg.

    double waterfarm scrogg.

    recovering form nitrogen toxicity
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