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  1. LadyLiberty

    LadyLiberty Growbox Construction- 150w HPS 16in x 16in x 4ft

    Hey guys LL here, Im about to walk you through how i am making my a four foot tall semi stealth box. For a bit of background information, i have a plant going on to 3 weeks flower, and would like a safer and more consistent growing space for it. She is mostly sativa, and i would love to...
  2. stealthtoker

    Kiwi Seed Grow (Cabinet Hydroponic Grow)

    Hello all. I am 10 days into this grow and already using a lot of the tips I have seen on this site. I hope by creating a journal I will get a lot of great advice on keeping my babies health. If i keep them health, they will keep me happy. This is my fourth grow attempt. First grow was...
  3. StonyGeoff

    Stony's Super-Organic SCROG

    Ok here they are :-) They arrived today :ganjamon: I've been told they are a hybrid, Afghani and Hindu Kush, Indica. The medium is roughly 50% perlite, 50% worm castings and compost plus a few clay balls, it drains really well. The clones came rooted in small rockwool cubes, and...
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