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  1. Gwillith Towers above Debilitator Kush

    Gwillith Towers above Debilitator Kush

    Second day of increased light, plants are responding with more growth.
  2. Second light hung

    Second light hung

    What's better than one light? Two lights! Going from veg to flower , plants need more light.
  3. Quick peek

    Quick peek

    Quick look after second light was hung, much brighter.
  4. Gwillith , 1st day of flower

    Gwillith , 1st day of flower

    Finally, she flowers!
  5. Gwillith flowering day one

    Gwillith flowering day one

    Gwillith has decided to flower, the 11/13 light schedule got it done.
  6. Debilitator Kush day 14

    Debilitator Kush day 14

    Debi is at 14 days and looking good. This flower was the easiest to get a picture of. She is now above the top scrog net, so that's the top of an 11" cola.
  7. Debilitator Kush climbing

    Debilitator Kush climbing

    Debilitator Kush is almost past the top net
  8. Happy ladies!

    Happy ladies!

    Debilitator Kush and Gwillith indoor scrog action
  9. Debilitator Kush 10" stacks

    Debilitator Kush 10" stacks

    Debilitator Kush in full flower, view from the top.
  10. Gwillith almost there

    Gwillith almost there

    Gwillith making extra branches before budding, it's what she does.
  11. Mootah

    Mootah's Three Tent Indoor Grow Featuring Debilitator Kush & Gwillith

    Welcome to my grow journal . You are probably wondering what I am growing. Debilitator Kush is Champagne OG x SFV OG, roots fast, fast growing, and fast flowering , about 56 days. Gwillith is my star, my work in breeding. Sharks Breath x Romulan x Sour Diesel, she gets huge, grows like a Sativa...
  12. top scrog net

    top scrog net

    the top net will hold the tallest colas
  13. room to grow

    room to grow

    measuring tape to keep track of rate of upward growth
  14. Tripple decker

    Tripple decker

    Three scrog nets
  15. Diatom snow job

    Diatom snow job

    Treating Thrips with diatoms
  16. Tattootom2390

    New grower, can I FIM side nodes? Help

    Hello all. My name is tom and I am in my first grow. So my girl (hopefully) was planted on 5/20 from seed and I fimmed on the 5th main node, and have been lst ever since. I now have 10-12 tops showing all around even height. My question is is it beneficial for me to start fimming these secondary...
  17. garden 54 days (7 in flower)

    garden 54 days (7 in flower)

  18. WhiteWidowSCROG.jpg


    White Widow about 1 weed before harvest
  19. L

    SCROG Blue Dream CoCo 600 Watt HPS - Tiny Spindly Buds - Help!

    Hey Everyone, My second crop is nearing harvest and not looking anything like I'd hoped :( The more reading I do the more I think they may all be hermies. It's the first time I've tried the SCROG method, as i found my blue dream outgrew my tent height really quick the first time around. But...
  20. Purpsmagurps

    White Cookies Scrog 600W CXB & 600W LED - CoCo DTW With Jacks 321

    Hello again. Going for gold this run. 6X white cookies coco scrog with 3 gallon plain coco OR 5 gallons with 30% perlite. I will be running Jack's 3-2-1 method with Jack's mix of soluble traces, Root enhance, caps bennies, Calcium Chloride, and MKP for a booster. The room is 6x9 and I will be...
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