1. rillos


  2. TheFertilizer

    Panama x Malawi - Probiotic & Organic Indoor Soil Grow

    I was waiting a while to start this journal, and then life just kind of got busy and I forgot to make a journal. So now I'm right on the verge of starting to flower these Panama x Malawi plants that are 100% sativa landrace, and also one Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry OG. I'm not really...
  3. Dogwash

    Two Philips Daylight 315s - Six Secret Jardin 22W/55W LED Strips - Four Painkiller XL

    Hi, my grow tent been out of action since August but we're up and running again. I have improved the venting - previously I was running two x 5 inch 225L/hr RVK inline fans with Rhino carbon filters. I have added another 5 inch RVK inline fan but this time got the 323L/hr model and have...
  4. T

    Praying Purple Mantis & GDP 2K Watt Scrog

    Hello all, and welcome to my garden. This grow is on day 41 of flower for the start of this journal. All of these are clones that i have ran in the past, so i know what to expect from these two strains. I am running both hoods on 725w due to light stress. My room is sealed and air conditioned...
  5. TheMadDabber

    Themaddabber's Hempy Bucket Bathtub Grow 2017

    Welcome all to my second grow and first grow journal! After months of research and refreshing my knowledge of growing cannabis it is almost time to begin! I am just currently waiting for my strawberry kush seeds to arrive from ILGM, but am expecting them to arrive sometime this week *fingers...
  6. D

    Too soon to scrog?

    I'm on day 32 with this Blue Dream. Is it too soon to scrog? I'm not really sure when I should start it?
  7. 4

    How to use Doc Bud's brix kit

    hello all. i am a noob, and i bought the kit, because it seem everyone gives it a high rating. the instructions that came with it are confusing. does anyone know if there is a better step by step guide? for example, like is drenching, and i assume that means putting pot in water, and letting it...
  8. Mrblunts420

    Scrog question?

    Whats up guys quick question for you all. I'm running g 10 23w cfl in a 10.28cf box, I want to scrog the crap out of it to utilize the area in the box with is 24x24x37 in. 1. What kind of material should I use for the net that wont stress out plant? 2. Would a regular 2'x2' square or V/U...
  9. C

    SCROG question and two more

    Pictured below is my setup, all ready to receive a bought PE baby clone tomorrow. 32x32x63" tent. I plan on just one plant and SCROG it. Some questions if I may ask. How big should my SCROG netting squares be for such a tent and one plant? I've seen so many that are 4" square (bigger tents...
  10. P

    Special Queen #1 ScrOG question

    So I have 1 plant that is 5 weeks veg today and I installed a scrog. When I ordered the seeds from Royal Queen Seeds, they said this strain roughly takes 8 weeks to harvest. I only have the main stalk pokin through the net right now. The net is 13" about the soil. I was wondering do I need to...
  11. N

    LED scrog first grow

    Just after a few tips as i have a 400w stealth led light in a 800x1200mm space at 1600 tall so its fairly small so any tips would help, ill upload some pics. Im about 2 weeks away from putting them into flower amd am nervouse about what yields to expect from such a small area, thanks guys.
  12. Loony

    Loony's Durban Poison Indoor Grow 06/2017

    Just completed my first SCROG grow. i learnt that I know stuff all about the SCROG method of growing. A Big Bud/White Widow Hermi'd on me but that was due to to much stress and tipping the plant way too many times. As the Durban poison has turned out to be as good as I remembered from 30 years...
  13. Dogwash

    Day Of The Triffids

    Check these beasts out I'm running 2 x 315w Philips Daylight, plus 6 x 26w Secret Jardin TLED (6 x 55w equivalent - two veg strips (blue) and four bloom (red) When i got em they were about a foot tall and monster cropped clones I vegged em for five weeks, doing a lot of low stress training...
  14. higherthehigh

    How long do people veg for a 4x4 scrog? Got 5 plants

    hello everyone! just wondering how long i would need to veg for to make a nice 4x4 scrog? running 5 plants, going to top once then top again 1 week later. thanks!
  15. steppedinds

    When to swap to 12/12 with a SCROG

    When exactly should you swap to 12/12 when using a SCROG? Should you wait until the entire screen is full? 3/4 full? My previous SCROG grows have been autos, so I have a 2 week unsurity period comparing to past grows. I'm thinking 2 more weeks on these girls, maybe a few more days depending...
  16. Curly Beaver

    Beav's Zamaldelica & Malawi Grow 2017

    I have decided to concentrate on Sativas this summer and have two Zamaldelica's started along with one Malawi. The first Zamaldelica popped on 3/29 but then I decided I wanted two of them for an indoor scrog.... the second one popped on 4/14 along with the Malawi. So my plans are to grow 2...
  17. P

    Indoor Grow Of 2 Plants - ScrOG - LED & CFL Lights

    First off, thanks to all the journal, article, etc. authors here and elsewhere. I've gained a lot of information already and will likely avoid some common mistakes thanks to them. I appreciate to their generosity with sharing info, sometimes at significant risk. I decided to grow mostly for...
  18. skoondawg

    Skoondawg's Coco Grow - GSC and Lemon Haze - SCROG - 400w HPS - 2nd Grow

    Hello again fellow stoners and everyone on this glorious forum! Im back for my second grow:thumb:. Last grow ended well but im ready to kick off the next grow with (finally) some good genetics, a stronger flowering light, and decided to try coco for its increased yields and quicker...
  19. B

    1st Time Grower - 4x4 Tent 600W HPS - 4 x Blueberry From Clone

    Hi, I've been buying weed for 30 year's now and I'm spending way too much, I could probably buy a small mansion house in my county with the money I've spent. I've decided to set myself up with a cheap £200 4x4 tent kit that came with everything to start up except for soil and seed/clones &...
  20. G

    Outdoor stealth Scrog

    Hello - not sure if this is the right place but looking for some insight into doing an outdoor Scrog to keep my plants low. Am a legal grow but would still like to keep my plants out of sight - privacy issue etc. Thinking I could creat a 4' x 2' Scog frame for each plant, set about three...