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  1. Diatom snow job

    Diatom snow job

    Treating Thrips with diatoms
  2. Tattootom2390

    New grower, can I FIM side nodes? Help

    Hello all. My name is tom and I am in my first grow. So my girl (hopefully) was planted on 5/20 from seed and I fimmed on the 5th main node, and have been lst ever since. I now have 10-12 tops showing all around even height. My question is is it beneficial for me to start fimming these secondary...
  3. garden 54 days (7 in flower)

    garden 54 days (7 in flower)

  4. WhiteWidowSCROG.jpg


    White Widow about 1 weed before harvest
  5. L

    SCROG Blue Dream CoCo 600 Watt HPS - Tiny Spindly Buds - Help!

    Hey Everyone, My second crop is nearing harvest and not looking anything like I'd hoped :( The more reading I do the more I think they may all be hermies. It's the first time I've tried the SCROG method, as i found my blue dream outgrew my tent height really quick the first time around. But...
  6. Purpsmagurps

    White Cookies Scrog 600W CXB & 600W LED - CoCo DTW With Jacks 321

    Hello again. Going for gold this run. 6X white cookies coco scrog with 3 gallon plain coco OR 5 gallons with 30% perlite. I will be running Jack's 3-2-1 method with Jack's mix of soluble traces, Root enhance, caps bennies, Calcium Chloride, and MKP for a booster. The room is 6x9 and I will be...
  7. Understory.jpg


    Lollipopped stalks under the SCROG screen
  8. P_20180322_060623.jpg


    Scrog netting
  9. 20180314_000414.jpg


  10. scrog


  11. dracularsdog

    First thread - Nitrogen toxicity and the effects it has on my grow

    hello fellow growers/enthsiasts. This is my first post on 420 and im going to cover nitrogen toxicity, and the effects it has had on my grow. I have been growing using waterfarms for a couple of years now with complete trouble free success, untill this grow. Over confidence and an urge to push...
  12. B

    My growtent setup

    Hi guys! This is my first post I hope to get some help from you guys. It is my third grow, but first time with bigger tent and scrog. My setup is: Tent: 8x8 ft (2,4m x 2,4m x 2m) Lights: 4x600W HPS (MH for veg) Grow medium: coco coir Pots: smart pots 5gallons Nutes: canna coco a+b...
  13. rillos

    Blue Dream Scrog RDWC

  14. B

    SCROG - Strawberry Cheesecake - Fruit Punch - O'Haze Red

    This is going to be my first journal, and my first attempt at scrog. Tomorrow, I will be transplanting my girls to their final pots, and I'll set-up the scrog. I plan to veg for another 7-10 days after, then switch to 12/12. The basics: -Seeds started 12/15/17 using a heat mat & rapid...
  15. M

    MrMedic's First Grow - 2000W 4x8 Scrog RDWC

    Hi, This is my first time growing anything as my prescription is too expensive! Gear 2x 1000w hps air cooled 4 by 8 tent 8x 5gal Rdwc Scrog is 4'x8' with 2"x2" trellis Plant Crown Royal from CKS Blueberry x Purple Kush Mostly Indica 8x clones from 1 mother And the...
  16. B

    Trying this SCROG thing all the cool kids are doing

    I'm working on my 2nd soil grow. I have 7 fem girls at 24 days from seed. They've been topped once at day 19; I will top again in another week or so. My last crop ended up growing too big, even with double topping, only 42 days of veg, and picking short strains. My tent is 6ft tall...
  17. S

    Super Skunk & White Widow

    Here is my first attempt at SCROG without topping. They have been in veg state for 6 weeks and 6 days so far in flowering stage. The bigger ones are both super skunks, as well as the one in the back on the left. That one is one week younger than the rest. The one on the left in the front is...
  18. Flyguygrower

    Dutch Passion White Widow In The Dirt - SCROG - 5Gal

    After trolling this and others for years I've finally descended out of the shadows to join a forum and start a journal. Fundamentally the first rule of grow club has been broken.. Talking about or admitting to cultivating. Times however have finally changed. A person was recently pulled over in...
  19. mackdaddyerb

    SCROG Help! Think Different

    I am planning an auto flower Grow and want to use the ScrOG method for maximum yield I will be growing TWO Dutch Passions Think Different in a 2'x4'x5' tent using a 700w (or 900w) Mars Hydro ii I know there is controversy as to whether or not to scrog autos but I've decided to go ahead as...
  20. M

    LEDs & DWC & SCROG & Masterblend & First Grow - What Could Go Wrong?

    Quick bit about me: I'm a 100% service connected disabled combat veteran (OIF 2003-2006 two tours Baghdad, 13F). I use marijuana medicinally to keep my symptoms in check and give me some quality of life adjustment. This is my first time growing cannabis although I've spent the last two years...