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  1. D

    3 Plant - Micro SCROG - 2x2x5

    Sup Home growers! Sorry for sloppy layout. First ever grow going on day 7 of my 3 plant micro SCROG. Plants are Sour D clones given to me( donated ). I have tied the plants down since day 1 and some good LST is paying off. I would like to get some feedback for the following questions. 1. How...
  2. C

    ScrOG! 600w hps 5-plants with pics

    Hello there everyone! This is my third attempt at growing some beautiful buds! I have been dabbling with cfls inside and done a couple outdoor grows. So Im going with the ScrOG technique to hopefully get as much bud per watt! I would love feedback since I'm definitely still a beginner. The...
  3. mmjCareFL

    New commercial grow in Florida - ideas?

    I am actively advocating for the passage of amemdent 2 in Florida's November election. As soon as this is out of the way, I have already a facility to grow in and a few well respected full professor's ready and on board with their expertise. Looking to provide product as well as oils and...
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