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sea of green

  1. D

    Will these branches grow enough before flower begins?

    Hello growers. I have a few girls which I intend to grow under a Sea of Green style, however 2 of them I popped the seeds a few days earlier and one turned out to be a stretchy phenotype so I topped it, a few days ago, to allow some of the smallest ones to catch up and prevent it from...
  2. N

    NYFishing420 - Multi-Tent - Multi-Medium - 2000W Per Tent - Multi-Strain

    Hey guys, thanks for reading. I am just getting ramped up and finally starting the journal. Please let me know if there is any information i left out that you would like to know. Overall setup is multiple tents set up in a room used as a lung that is cooled with a mini split ac. I will try...
  3. photos

    Photo's Aussie Organic High Brix Grow - 300 Plants & New Strains Never Seen Before

    hi im growing out 5 of my own bred strains plus a few others . my strains are the result of 20 + years breeding ive kept and crossed only the best to produce these furious five .. ill go into more detail on each of them as this journal progresses. the strains are time...
  4. S

    SoG Questions

    So, i recently ordered a 4'x4' tent with a 600w HPS closed loop air system with its own 400cfm fan and another 400cfm fan for the tent itself. I plan on doing a Sea of Green and have been doing a decent amount of research and still have a few questions for you seasoned SoG growers. Im just going...
  5. H

    43 solo cups of green on a couple of shelves, sea of green

    This is a way I did it so that I could get a lot to flower ASAP.... As soon as I get the picture uploaded. :cheer2:
  6. P

    Pure Strain 12/12 From seed or Autoflowering?

    As the title I would like to know opinions on which of these methods would produce more yield Once i have some more feedback im going to put this to the test and see which triumphs Peace Out :peace:
  7. Mrgivemethat

    Blue Planet Powered 18 Strain Hempy

    Hey everyone, glad to be here have been here reading alot ive been running hempy for a couple months in now I started on December 13 so im a couple months I started with some bagseed then but finally ordered and on 12/27 I recieved 1 NIRVANA WHITE WIDOW, 1 GHS EXODUS CHEESE, 1 GHS AMS, 1 GHS THE...
  8. C

    Sea of Green

    I have been wondering if anyone can assist me in one more thing.. I/We are wishing to quickly multiply our output and growth in both clones and buds. I know it seems sort of a crazy question, but; I have never worked on a "SOG" program before, and was wondering if it is as productive as most...
  9. Medical Use

    Hi from a new MMJ member from the Rocky Mountains

    Hello ALL! Does anyone know of a good f1 hybrid seed that would be suggested for a "Sea of Green" grow? Peace,
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