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  1. H

    Sea Soil - Can I just use this?

    Hello I was looking to get an organic pre made soil and I'm in Canada and unable to get Fox Farms. I'm starting my grow in 12 days so don't have time to make my own. I've heard of Sea Soil and I was wondering if I'm good to go or if I should be adding anything else in. Running 15gal...
  2. EventHorizon

    3 Sativa Dominate Mystery Seeds - Sea Soil - Fish Fertilizer - Flourescent Indoor

    So no offense but last plant I had started to die of mal-nutrients and I was just really burning myself out with it and just decided to take a nice long break and try again with a new batch. My tent is still the same setup, nothing has changed. Feel free to ask if anything catches your...
  3. G

    Hey everyone!

    Hi everyone my name is greenmachinee and im happy to have finally joined the conversation. :yummy: Heres my current sea of green. One plant this time around with limited space. I hope im posting this picture correctly...
  4. EventHorizon

    2 Unknown Bag Seed - Sea Soil - CFL - Tent Grow

    I'm growing the plants in a 32x32x63 Quictent I got off ebay for about $140. My lighting setup. 1x 125w 6500k/2700k 1x 100w 6500k 1x 26w 5000k 1x 50w 4500k 2x 26w 6500k 1x 24w 6400K T5HO Before I was using Schultz and Miracle Grow and people on here kept complaining about my soil.. so I...
  5. M

    First Ever Post - SOG Questions

    Hi this is my first ever post on the forums and just a question on Sea of green. What is the ideal pot size for Sea of green, i was going to do 4 rows of 4 (16 plants) in 12 litre pots in a 5x5 area (ds 150) 1000w etc etc etc.... Thanks.