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sealed grow room

  1. super13star

    Feedback & Opinions! LED & Hydro Setup: Beta Version

    This is a grow completed I did last year. Looking for feedback/input/thoughts, whatever. i wish i had taken more photos but hopefully you will get the jist. HYDRO SETUP - gravity fed to containers, containers drained into bottom tub. 5x8/10 foot enclosed trailer. Lighting LED (multiple lights...
  2. I

    2 Grow Tents Inside Sealed Room - Help

    Hey there, I am attempting to set up a sealed grow room with 2 grow tents inside (flower & veg). Does anyone have any experience/advice with this? When operating 2 tents inside a larger sealed grow room, I want to add co2 (from a tank). Should I run my plastic plastic tubing into each tent...