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  1. GL5033

    Outdoor & indoor seeds for a newbie: what do you recommend

    Indoor - max 9weeks,height<120cm,sticky buds Outdoor - max 10weeks,height<150cm,sticky buds,autoflowering What seeds do u recommend?
  2. SunWorshiper

    SunWorshiper Offgrid Greenhouse Season 2 Hibrix Marshydro SPL Blackout

    The snow is melting, the sun is trying and we are back online! This is a full offgrid grow. Water and power both, somewhere montana. Last year we used a 730nm Flower initiator and we were pleased. Yet with the worst growing season in our lifetime we have decided this year to go with an automatic...
  3. X

    Botrytis Nightmare

    You never lived til you have been through a botrytis grow season. My ladies looked like divas until 6 weeks into flowering last year before the nightmare during harvest occurred. I barely made it out alive with crops. Now I know botrytis is not new. I am just new to botrytis. I'm wondering if...
  4. iwltfum

    Strain recommendations for greenhouse in the southwest US

    Hi 420! It's been a while. I'm making plans for the upcoming season and was wondering if anyone here had any strain recomendations for a couple plants that I'm planning on growing in a greenhouse in the southwestern us. The season is relatively short (1st frost is mid to late september), but it...
  5. kotsotronic

    White Castle - Feel free to chip in

    Its the time of the year again to present my first plant for this season White Castle strain:
  6. B

    L.A. Sunshine Grow

    Pics to be posted.
  7. H


    Hi all :welcome::welcome: Long time grower,smoker from South Africa. New to this forum, heard its a good one. Hope to be able to share with everyone. And learn from the users here.. Planting season is upon us in the Southern hemisphere, exciting times ahead. Awe
  8. Blondhottie

    Any Fellow Ontarians?

    I am in eastern ontario looking to know when is the ideal growing season for outdoors for my strains moby dick, white widow and bubblegum?
  9. K

    Here's How You Can Watch The Pot Industry's 'Shark Tank'

    Finally, "The Marijuana Show" is available to streaming on mainstream sites. There is only one reality TV show where you can see contestants compete over money for pot-tinged business ideas like edibles infused with hemp oil, or a tropical timeshare where medical marijuana is readily...
  10. KodiakKid

    Kodiak Kid's Second Outdoor Grow - Out of Africa - Strawberry Hybrid - Eirdbei

    Hello everyone. My second grow has started. Before going into the details I want to thank everyone who took an interest in my first grow last season. I was overwhelmed by the help and support you so kindly provided. I couldn't have done it without you all. I also want to apologize for not...
  11. S

    Can autos be grown with non autos?

    I started this season with two Candy Cane Autos and two White Cookie Fems from the Crop King. Was this a big mistake? They are currently on. 20/4 cycle. The tent is a 5x5x7 with a 6'inline exhaust fan with a carbon scrubber and one oscillating fan. The lighting system is a 1000wattMH/HPS (brand...
  12. T

    Can I predict how much of each Earth Juice per tree for the full season?

    I'm growing in 100-gallon bags, using a rich loamy compost. I'd like to budget for the season, and buy what I'll need in bulk. I'm planning on using EJ plus azomite and maybe a few other things... Is there a place or a method to help me predict my total costs & needs? Also, any advice on EJ is...
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