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  1. burnmeh

    Second opinion on possible nutrient burn?

    As you can see from the lower leaves, something is amiss! This is my first grow so I'm not totally sure but I think it's nutrient burn and I should flush the soil with water, would love to hear a second opinion on it! There is a little heat stress on the top leaves from where the...
  2. Ron Strider

    FL: Orange County Will Consider Banning Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Tuesday

    Orange County commissioners will consider banning medical marijuana dispensaries within its borders at a Tuesday gathering. At the Oct. 31 meeting at 2 p.m., commissioners will have a public hearing on two ordinances — the first bans all medical cannabis retail centers while the second...
  3. M

    Help Please First Grow Outdoor

    Hello guy this is my first grow and im having issue Strain - Cali Og Kush/haze # of Plants - 8 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 3 Gallon Nutrients - Gave them sheep manure yesterday First Plant Picture : Same Plant Second Picture: New Girl This one is in...
  4. tryan2grow1

    Tryan2grow1 Second Time Grow - Autos In DWC With Mars-Hydro LED

    Hello 420 community. This is the second go round growing this wonderful plant. The first attempt at a bag seed grow has come to a very pleasant ending. Now it is time to grow some known strains. For this grow the ladies scheduled to appear are Northern Light and Blue Mystic auto strains...
  5. T

    Need best LED light solution for a 4x4

    Hey guys wanted to know which light would work best for a 4x4 flowering. I was thinking of going with MARS reflector 196 but I'm second guessing that it won't be enough for 8 pots.
  6. fivethirty

    Recurring dream

    keep having a dream where i have this second outdoor grow that i keep forgetting about and neglecting. last night i woke up crying because in the dream i remembered about the second grow and went to look and they were all dried up and shriveled. maybe the 4th or 5th time this same dream happened
  7. Ron Strider

    CA: Second Chance For Oakdale Marijuana Business Hopefuls

    Due to the high number of inquiries from people interested in opening marijuana businesses in Oakdale, the city is holding a second mandatory meeting for those who intend to submit proposals for the Cannabis Pilot Program. Oakdale is accepting proposals for all cannabis businesses allowed...
  8. W

    Mids Schwag? Bagseed Grow

    What's this second box for?
  9. U

    Second Grow Curiosities Advice Needed

    Greeting Everyone! I've been growing my second run of medicine and currently on 1st day of week 6. I've seen and read a lot of experience growers show/tell of high gains during this time (week 6-8) . I know it all depends on strand environment , rh, nutes, lighting etc. but wanted to gather...
  10. C

    Second ever grow - Exodus Cheese & Sour Diesel - Why's one plant so different?

    Yooo Second ever grow. Got two Exodus Cheese and one Sour Diesel. The been in veg from seed for about 2 weeks and I'm just wondering why one looks so different to the other?? This is the first Exodus Cheese: This is the second Exodus Cheese: Just wondering why...
  11. Victusa

    Having some problems - Second opinion please?

    Fellow growers! newb here :) This is my second indoors grow so I'm quite new to many disease and problems. I was doing fine until flowering stage, I mean had some problems but figured them out. So before I shoot my questions, let me introduce my babies; Lu, the hope; Skinny Betty...
  12. B

    Jack Herrer Critical X Need Some Help

    Hi. 33rd day. Suggestions are much appreciated. I did not Top or Fim. What should i do prune or top or fim or too late ? This is my second grow. Does she seems healthy to you ? Yield will be too low imo what do you think ?
  13. P

    Training help

    My Setup: DWC Setup w/ 5 gallon buckets Fox Farms Nuts iPower Light Digital Dimmable HPS MH 1000-Watt pH 6.2 grown from clones Day 39 This is my first grow, and I'm almost ready to flip. I added a nylon net a week ago or so about four or five inches above the bottom growth. I think I need...
  14. M


    I seem to be having a issue. It seems to be happening about 3-4 weeks after I put the plants into 12/12. I am growing in ocean forest soil and using Advanced Nutrients Sensi line. This is the second batch I'm having this issue with. The strain I was told is lemon skunk. Any help would be...
  15. J


    how do you manage to keep your seeds wet in the paper towel over night. I even woke up at 3 to water them. I also work 12 hr shifts any tricks or suggestions mine dried out 2 times the survived the first I'm not sure about the second. here are some pics they look a bit withered on the end. and...
  16. R

    Light mover

    I've just brought 2 meter light mover, puting it in 120 by 240 tent. how many second do I stop at end? And how quickly do I go from end to end?
  17. Jackalope

    Fox Farm soil

    I see post from growers using Fox farm soil. Thought I might try it some time. First does Pot do real well in it just as it is and second which one works best. Thanks for any help with this.
  18. S

    Second Grow - Plant Shoot

    Well here's one of my girls from my second grow. This is my first post on 420 magazine. about the plants: Lights: Vegged T5 24/7, then Mars Hydro 900 Watt Led 12/12 Soil: Fox Farms, Ocean Forest Here she is, any feedback is appreciated:
  19. P

    Thc Bomb

    Pictures on my profile let me know what u think please?
  20. L

    Second Day In Flower

    Ok guys and gals. First off i neglected the journal for the veg stage of my grow, second please excuse the puncuations as in no good on computers. But I figured i would at least keep up with the flowering. Pictures on the bottom. Ok so i have 6 sour D that i got from crop king amd due to my...
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