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  1. mcren

    Mc Ren 600w Grow Tent Barneys Farm & GHS Genetics

    hi every , hope you all doin well , lm still curing in jars with some amazing buds from last harvest. was very happy with the results for the size and effort and budget, also the fact of using bag seeds. the smoke is amazing. organic as expected! pics and more on prev journal! was a bit busy...
  2. mcren

    MCren's Indoor Organic Grow

    hi everybody , ive been on 420mag for a while but didnt register , so first thread. please apologize my poor english , tryin to do my best. second grow for me but this time tried to document as much as i can at first for my self knowledge and tracking , but then decided to share, any comment...
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  4. SJ WebIT 120.jpg

    SJ WebIT 120.jpg

    SJ WebIT 120
  5. B

    LED Panel Suggestion/Advice for Secret Jardin DS60

    Hello, I used to grow with HID lights (250W) HPS+MH Philips bulbs with Lumatek dimmable ballast in grow tent Secret Jardin Dark Street 2 (60x60x150 cm) or (24x24x60 inches) for US :) I was growing 4 photo period plants under the SCRoG. (there use to be a lot of mess there but i like that way)...
  6. H

    comment my setup :)

    Hi, I'm about to grow my first grow and this is my setup so far. Secret jardin DR60 60x60x170 LxWxH. Out take fan connected to a coal filter to remove smell. 250w CFL at 2700k. The soil I'm going to use is standard flower soil mixed with pearlite and leca for drainage. Biobizz nutrients...
  7. G

    1st Grow - Lucy Germinating In AeroGarden Rapid Rooters

    Date: Thursday, January 10th 2013 Time: 1:35 A.M. Seeds: Lucy feminized (5) Breeder: Barney’s Farm Equipment/Supplies used: AeroGarden Deluxe Rapid Rooter Plugs Nutri-Dip Tri-meter Temp/Humidity Gauge 1 Gallon distilled water pH + Day 1: A short time ago I had received my feminized Lucy...
  8. jcool09

    Are these male flowers on top on this bud?

    This is a shot of a Pineapple Express auto in the 5th week of flowering. Resin glands are present but have not proliferated the flowers yet so I am expecting at least 2 more weeks until she finishes. Three days ago I noticed these clusters of yellow growth at the top of several of my most...
  9. T

    TommyKarma's Indoor Aurora Indica Grow 2012

    Hi everyone, welcome to my first indoor grow. I've had several successful outdoor grows but they are not documented on the net. I am now for the first time trying to grow indoor and will start with five plants. (btw: photo's will be posted as soon as possible, haven't got a camera yet.)...
  10. H

    Secret Jardin tent vertical grow?

    I'm thinking about setting up a vertical grow in a Secret Jardin DR150 II grow tent. Its 60"x60"x80" which is a bit bigger than your average guest bathroom if you took out the sink, toilet, and shower. but I'm skeptical about a few things. first of all, it might seem big but after you take into...
  11. S

    What's the best current T5 fixture? Sun Blaze or New Wave or Tek light?

    Going to be growing in a Secret Jardin DR60 2ftx2ft grow tent. I think I think want to get a 2ft 8 bulb fixture. Trying to decide on what T5 fixture I should be getting. I've heard the Tek light is the best, but the chassis is black which I find kinda odd for a grow light. Shouldn't it be at...
  12. RaoulDuke

    RaoulDuke's Practice Run - 400W+Soil+BagSeed

    Hello Everyone, This is my first indoor grow. My only experience is tossing some beans in the ground, pouring some shit on them and staring at dirt. Since I can't share this with anyone 'real' I've decided to share it with thousands of virtual folks! I've been lurking these forums quite a bit...
  13. S

    what Fan? Help........

    Hi Guys :cool027: Im new to the site and think its great! with this in mind i seek help with a few queries i have, before i start my very first grow - woo hoo!:slide: i have a mother chiesel plant on veg in a closet just waiting for me to clone. its doing really well and i want to take...
  14. M

    Mr.GreenGenes First Grow - Atomic Jam

    Hi everybody! Well this grow journal has been long overdue but is right on time now that I've got a few little seedlings a few days old. I have been a lurker here in the forums for quite a long time - researching the best set-up for a medical grow that is striving to be relatively stealth. I...
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