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  3. B

    LED Panel Suggestion/Advice for Secret Jardin DS60

    Hello, I used to grow with HID lights (250W) HPS+MH Philips bulbs with Lumatek dimmable ballast in grow tent Secret Jardin Dark Street 2 (60x60x150 cm) or (24x24x60 inches) for US :) I was growing 4 photo period plants under the SCRoG. (there use to be a lot of mess there but i like that way)...
  4. H

    comment my setup :)

    Hi, I'm about to grow my first grow and this is my setup so far. Secret jardin DR60 60x60x170 LxWxH. Out take fan connected to a coal filter to remove smell. 250w CFL at 2700k. The soil I'm going to use is standard flower soil mixed with pearlite and leca for drainage. Biobizz nutrients...
  5. G

    1st Grow - Lucy Germinating In AeroGarden Rapid Rooters

    Date: Thursday, January 10th 2013 Time: 1:35 A.M. Seeds: Lucy feminized (5) Breeder: Barney’s Farm Equipment/Supplies used: AeroGarden Deluxe Rapid Rooter Plugs Nutri-Dip Tri-meter Temp/Humidity Gauge 1 Gallon distilled water pH + Day 1: A short time ago I had received my feminized Lucy...
  6. jcool09

    Are these male flowers on top on this bud?

    This is a shot of a Pineapple Express auto in the 5th week of flowering. Resin glands are present but have not proliferated the flowers yet so I am expecting at least 2 more weeks until she finishes. Three days ago I noticed these clusters of yellow growth at the top of several of my most...
  7. T

    TommyKarma's Indoor Aurora Indica Grow 2012

    Hi everyone, welcome to my first indoor grow. I've had several successful outdoor grows but they are not documented on the net. I am now for the first time trying to grow indoor and will start with five plants. (btw: photo's will be posted as soon as possible, haven't got a camera yet.)...
  8. H

    Secret Jardin tent vertical grow?

    I'm thinking about setting up a vertical grow in a Secret Jardin DR150 II grow tent. Its 60"x60"x80" which is a bit bigger than your average guest bathroom if you took out the sink, toilet, and shower. but I'm skeptical about a few things. first of all, it might seem big but after you take into...
  9. S

    What's the best current T5 fixture? Sun Blaze or New Wave or Tek light?

    Going to be growing in a Secret Jardin DR60 2ftx2ft grow tent. I think I think want to get a 2ft 8 bulb fixture. Trying to decide on what T5 fixture I should be getting. I've heard the Tek light is the best, but the chassis is black which I find kinda odd for a grow light. Shouldn't it be at...
  10. RaoulDuke

    RaoulDuke's Practice Run - 400W+Soil+BagSeed

    Hello Everyone, This is my first indoor grow. My only experience is tossing some beans in the ground, pouring some shit on them and staring at dirt. Since I can't share this with anyone 'real' I've decided to share it with thousands of virtual folks! I've been lurking these forums quite a bit...
  11. S

    what Fan? Help........

    Hi Guys :cool027: Im new to the site and think its great! with this in mind i seek help with a few queries i have, before i start my very first grow - woo hoo!:slide: i have a mother chiesel plant on veg in a closet just waiting for me to clone. its doing really well and i want to take...
  12. M

    Mr.GreenGenes First Grow - Atomic Jam

    Hi everybody! Well this grow journal has been long overdue but is right on time now that I've got a few little seedlings a few days old. I have been a lurker here in the forums for quite a long time - researching the best set-up for a medical grow that is striving to be relatively stealth. I...