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  1. Exceptional420

    True North Seed Bank

    Placed order 162.00 on feb 18th........waited for confirmation email never got it.....tried the number no response......just warning everyone stay away they ripped me a new one......dont let there victim be you
  2. RoyalSeedBank

    Royal Seed Bank: Introduction

    Hi 420 family :) I want to introduce Royal Seed Bank to the 420magazine community :cool: Simply put: we are a Seed Bank Directory that is constantly growing and our goal is to be the largest seed bank directory in the industry. As of now (Beginning of March 2019), we have 351 strains listed...
  3. George from The Vault

    Happy Halloweed: Win Some Seed Plus 13% off All Beans!

    Dankness falls across the land: For the time of 4:20 is close to hand. Creatures crawl in search of bud-o-so-green: That’s right buddy, it’s Halloween or Halloweed as we say here in the Vault Towers. Check out our Spooktacular offer for this years Halloweed! It’s Trick or Treat time here at...
  4. Personal seed bank

    Personal seed bank

    Most of these seeds are the result of my breeding program. Bottom are my cornerstone or starters, middle is breeding with some gifts, past the jars at the top are all from last year.
  5. Seed bank

    Seed bank

  6. T

    Reputable Genetics

    Hi Famz... Preparing to start an indoor organic grow. looking for a sativa dominant hybrid... feminized seeds. My original plan was to go to Crop King but I am hearing some not so great things plus the added risk of seizure at the border. I checked some of the seed banks in CA and CO and...
  7. G

    Seed Authenticity

    Just had a quick question for the community. I hope this is posted in the correct place. Has anyone ever read any reviews of certain seeds that included genetic testing? I was just curious because seeds are not cheap nowadays by any standard. How do I really know that I'm getting Big Bud strain...
  8. H

    Haze.io Advent Calendar

    Hey guys, How's it going? We hope you're already feeling the christmas spirit and you're as excited as we are! We wanted to say hello on the lovely 420magazine forum and we figured there's no better way to start with a nice special and a bunch of free stuff! :) We're currently running our...
  9. MassMedMan

    Let's see those seed banks!

    This time last year I was scrounging for any seeds I could find so I could grow outside during the summer. Ended up buying some schwag (heavily seeded schwag, too) and I got enough beans to grow 11 girls. But, I was determined to get a hold of some good seeds for this year. Fast forward a...
  10. akisunni

    Christmas Seed Bank

    One of my adult daughters, has a new significant other. He lives at and is the primary care taker of an indoor and outdoor MJ grow facility in Northern California. We have only met once before, at a family party she brought him to. Today was Christmas with our family. We sat down today, and...
  11. L

    Bonza Seeds

    I am a first time grower. I ordered 4 seeds from bonza and recieved the 5th free. All seeds germinated and the packaging and delivery was fast and safe. I just thought I would add my 2 cents (sense)
  12. Treehorn

    First Time Grower, jumping right in w/ Titan hydro

    Got the desire to grow, so with a supportive wife and Craigslist and a few bucks, I got myself a 5 x 5 tent, 1000w Light and ballast, The Titan System with expansion (18 sites, I am using only 6) and seems everything is working and waiting on beans in 'plain brown wrapper' as they say...
  13. CaptnPlantit

    OG KusH

    I was looking through our site sponsors and seen that Dutch seeds has OG Kush. For those of you who have grown it, from that company, I would like to hear your opinion before I invest my time.
  14. B

    HELLO ! - "Breeder D" here

    Hey everyone, > I just seen the posting rules, so all I will say is Hello from Ontario CANADA, I am "Breeder D" the chief genetic engineer and founder of a seed bank > I previously ran a Hemp Store/Seed Shop in Niagara Falls called Hemp Culture in 2004 and 2005 on Lundy's Lane. I closed...
  15. B

    New ol' dog on block

    Hello. Just joined 420 blog. Did it even though I should really be at work now. But I thought I'd take another quick peek at my 4 newer clones I just bought about 9 days ago. And what do you know? They are already beginning flowering. I'm pissed! I have 14 hours of outdoor light. I really...
  16. T

    Need new seed bank

    Im looking for a new seed bank, my old one shut down. If anyone could help me find a reliable bank, that would be great and appreciated.
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