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  1. N

    Strain recommendations

    To put a long story short my seeds that where germinating fell onto my tubular heater and cooked them Lool I'm looking for a recommended strain to grow Thinking about doing hydrophonic this time round Grow space Just over 5ft from one side to the other 2ft from front to back 5ft tall...
  2. B

    Seed to harvest cycle 50 days - Strain advice

    I want to know if there are any strains that I can grow from seed to harvest in 50days. I have exactly 59 days before I go abroad for 4 weeks and don't have a sitter who can look after my plants in my absence. Auto flowering will be best suited for the grow but if am open to suggestions. Also, I...
  3. C

    Greetings From The Emerald Triangle

    I started my journey many years ago when I smoked my first real joint back in the 70s in 8th grade. Back then every bag came with SEEDS! I lived in rural upstate NY with a very short growing season and most of the weed was long season sativa coming from Columbia and Mexico. So it would not...
  4. M

    Seed banks with PayPal?

    Hey guys and seedbanks that use PayPal? That's all I'm comfortable using.
  5. C

    Best strains for outdoor - Oregon

    Hello All - I am looking for a reliable strain to grow outdoor in Oregon - that will produce high yields, and dense buds - I grow entirely organic - I have grown Blue dream- (Large plant but did not dense up-), Diesel (not high performance) - Is it true that Sativa will dense less than an...
  6. P

    Paul's Purple Fire

    Strain Name: Purple Fire From: New420Guy When: Jan 2011 Grade: A+ Type: Hybrid Price: $95/quarter oz Looks: Incredible purple and red colors covered with crystals! Smell: Not a strong aroma but a spicey kind of purple bud scent. Taste: Smooth typical "purple" taste...
  7. thxheaven420

    Online seed Banks?

    Hey guys I'm sure there is a post for this but i want updated reviews. I love growing and looking to place an order. Have you ordered from one? are they honestly safe? I want to be abe to pick my strains but have never done the online thing. Looking to hear about experiences, whether...
  8. B

    Best Northern Lights Strain?

    Ok, So I'm looking for a low odor, beginner's strain and I think NL is perfect. I have it narrowed in on these two seed banks: Sensi Seeds Nirvana Seeds Has anyone grown NL from either of these banks? Can you please comment on your experience with them and which one you might think is...
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