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seed germination

  1. Gary from The Vault

    Happy Halloweed: Win Some Seed Plus 13% off All Beans!

    Dankness falls across the land: For the time of 4:20 is close to hand. Creatures crawl in search of bud-o-so-green: That’s right buddy, it’s Halloween or Halloweed as we say here in the Vault Towers. Check out our Spooktacular offer for this years Halloweed! It’s Trick or Treat time here at...
  2. eddieo

    Found a seed in female plant?

    Hey guys this is my first indoor grow. Basically today I was flushing my plant and I was moving some clay pebbles about and I found a sprouted seed on the surface of the pebbles. My plant is currently in veg stage about 6-7weeks in. Heres a few details about my grow *Grow tent 60x60x160...