1. A

    Another Purple Kush Plant - CropKingSeeds

    Mid 7th from seed with some issues. Tried to do something different and I ended up hurting her. I can't believe she's still here lol! I am learning from my mistakes. ;)
  2. A

    Purple Kush - CropKingSeeds

    I have made a lot of mistakes, but she made it through just fine. Thank goodness for good genetics ... lol! I added a youtube video link for more shots. Thanks CropKingSeeds :) -Ace Knight P.S. Awesome Customer Service!!!
  3. C

    Skunk #1 - 90 Watt LED Grow

    hello everyone equipment: - seed: skunk #1 feminized (35% Sativa / 65% Indica) sensiseeds, 45-50 days flower - 90 watt led (metered 60 watts, 45x2W leds, red-blue-orange = 35-5-5, red = 630nm | blue = 460nm | orange = 610 nm) ... 10-20cm lightdistance moving with the plant... i removed the...
  4. D

    Siamese conjoined seed

    Does anyone have any experience with a Siamese conjoined seed ? I have started to germ and it looks like I will get a tap from both sides . I have a few clones and a few seeds started as well but this will be my first grow . I was just looking for some advice for this dually
  5. MikkaTheEnt

    Grand Daddy Purple Indoor Hydro

    My third simultaneous grow is Grand Daddy Purple: Date started: 2018 Jan 10 Germination: Seed in between 2 moist paper towels, transferred to Rooter plugs in germination station Seed(s): feminized Grand Daddy Purp from Attitude Indoors/Outdoors: Indoors Tent: Vivosun 2x4x5 with two 4"...
  6. MikkaTheEnt

    Northern Lights Indoors Hydro

    My second simultaneous grow is Northern Lights auto: Date started: 2018 Jan 10 Germination: Seed in between 2 moist paper towels, transferred to Rooter plugs in germination station Seed(s): Northern Lights auto from Growers Choice Indoors/Outdoors: Indoors Tent: Vivosun 2x4x5 with two 4"...
  7. L

    Need help - Removed the shell once my Auto Jack sprouted and that's how they are now

    2 of auto jacks that we germinated before planting in soil , and they peeked out of my soil in 2 days with the seed shell stuck on top slightly open so i dropped few drops of mineral water on seed shell and removed it with my fingers without excess force. this is how they look like after 2 days...
  8. M

    Hermie Auto?

    Posted this elsewhere but I haven't had a response yet. This is CKS CBD Cheese Auto that is on day 76 from seed. Did it turn into a hermie? Time to chop er down?
  9. A

    Bag seed - Indica Sativa or hybrid?

    Hey everyone! I ran out of seeds (and money lol) so i decided to go to my bag seed reserve. I've saved some seeds of only the best of the best that I've smoked. Anyways, i was wondering id it's Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid? I think it's mostly Indica with some sativa traits but I've only been...
  10. Cannabs

    Hey I search for seed

    seed with big yields very important.. and site will shiping worldwide super stealth.. i looking for 1kg-2kg per( Meter x Meter ) if not have something like that so the best one just put here the name of the seed.. :Namaste::Namaste:thank you guys
  11. dieselskunk

    Single seed in non pollinated Skunk#1 regular

    I grew some skunk#1 regular last year when the pot laws changed. I had hoped to get some seed but I had all females ( yea I know what problem) I had wanted to get some seeds that I could breed year after year and skunk is a stable breed. I had over 4 oz of bud with no seed. I tried to flip a...
  12. C

    1 week old - Slow growth?

    medium: coco/perlite 2/3 1/3 nutrient: 1/4 maxibloom (lucas formula) ph water: 5.8 When the soil is wet i dont feed. One of the plants i sliced the leaf cause the seed was stuck... What do you think? The growth is very very slow.
  13. spiritwave7

    Sprout Completely Drooped - Please Help

    Hello. I bought a micro-grow case from, so I've been following their instructions, which are sadly only in the form of customer support (no manual). Here is their reply that I received prior to germination: "Included with your box will be two rock wool cubes. You will...
  14. P

    PatMySwayze's COB LED THC Bomb Auto Organic/Coco 2017- How Fast Is Fast?

    Welcome to my first journal, the name is PatMySwayze and the name of the game for this grow was how fast and easy can I grow a small personal stash of high quality bud indoors. Strain: So I chose Bomb Seeds THC bomb auto which boasts "finishes flowering in only 65 days from seed indoors."...
  15. Pirategrower

    Auto flowered reg seed

    Solo Cups - How Far Will I Get?
  16. Ron Strider

    ND: Maverick Farmer Grows Hemp Today, Marijuana Tomorrow

    Hemp today, marijuana tomorrow, Chris Adams is not waiting for the farming rush. The 30-year-old maverick producer has picked the cannabis horse as a strong runner for agriculture and he's hopping on right out of the gate. Adams punched 300 acres of hemp ground in 2017 and hopes to start...
  17. dieselskunk

    G13 Haze

    Strain Name -G13 Haze From -Barnie's seed When -10/17/2017 Type - Sativa Appearance - light green very dense Smell - Pungent, Skunky Type of Buzz - Is it cerebral and Strong Long lasting Good for getting stuff done around the house Length of Buzz - 4 hours + Best Medicinal Use -...
  18. ckenney82

    How long from seed to harvest? Crop King WWAF

    im 21 days from seed fourth and third sets are coming in. how long till harvest?
  19. W

    Crop Circle Auto - First ever grow ever!

    Hi I just posted these in the uk section, hope this is allowed! Day 45 of a alleged 55 day from seed to harvest! Reckon it may need a bit longer but I hope it hurried up so I can flower the others.
  20. M

    Single seed from female clone

    I had a clone of DHN Skywalker OG that I grew this past season with no males. Tonight I found a fully mature seed in a top cola. Toss it or sprout it?