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  1. Partook of Seedsman's Black Friday promo. 2021 is going to be fun.

    Partook of Seedsman's Black Friday promo. 2021 is going to be fun.

    I think 1/2 of why I like growing is all the cool freebies and strain art. Stupid question: can I clone off the Rudeboi and Alien and not violate any rules, unspoken or other? Does weed have creative commons and copyright type shit?
  2. Red Afro

    Red Afro

    White hairs, Dark soul Mother
  3. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  4. Old Ron

    Sour Dragon Breath and Freak O Dank Grow

    This grow is seeds from 7 East Genetics. There are 5 Sour Dragon Breath (Green Dragon Male (Hindu Kush x Afghan Kush) x Blueberry Train Wreck) x Sour Diesel 2 Female and 4 Freak O Dank (RD#1 x Freakshow) I dropped the seeds on Sunday, September 14 @ 9pm into starter pods that I soaked in a ph’d...
  5. Old Ron

    Another Indoor Grow: 3rd One

    Had some extra room in my veg tent, so I decided to try some different things. I have 2 Blue Dream that are 27 days old I started in Jiffy pods. There are 2 Super Fruit 90, 2 Blue Cookies, 2 Lemon Skunk and a Green Crack seedling now going too. They are about 5 days old. I decided to start the...
  6. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  7. Black Cali Grapes

    Black Cali Grapes

    Sweet smelling, sticky Black Cali Grapes!
  8. Kalashnikov x 2

    Kalashnikov x 2

    They caught up to Super Lemon!
  9. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  10. Alaskan Purple

    Alaskan Purple

  11. Kalashnikov


  12. Kalashnikov


  13. WalterGamer8

    Leggy seedlings can't hold themselves up

    these are pics of my 2 seedlings. Im really scared. It took me 3 months of germinating seeds to finally get a sprout. At first when they sprouting they were fine, but they became leggy to the point they cant even hold themself up. What should I do???? Originally they were under a led light and...
  14. 4

    Weed Pollination

    It got me thinking. What If I have various strain's pollens and pollinate 1 plant. Will it just take 1 strain's pollens or different buds can produce different strain's pollinated seeds?
  15. Sex Wax

    Sex Wax

    Removing membrane with water droplet
  16. Got my northern lights seeds

    Got my northern lights seeds

    Northern lights auto from growers choice
  17. WalterGamer8

    Cannot even get seeds to sprout and it's hacking me off

    So i ordered 8 seeds from seedsman and I originally germinated 4 of them all with the paper towel method and saw a white taproot and planted them into FFOF soil. I think the problem why these first 4 didnt sprout was because I was watering them too much and had them under a 600w hps light and...
  18. meejay

    Germination Speed: What does it say?

    Hello everyone, Suppose you have germinated three different seeds from a seed-bag; one of the seeds germinate very fast and it is ready to be planted in 3 days second seed germinate moderately fast and it is ready to be planted in in 7 days third seed germinates in 14 days but still cannot...
  19. S

    Australia seed

    Hi has anyone from Perth Western Australia bought seed online before and receive them without any problems with customs I’m in Perth Western Australia
  20. Veg Room

    Veg Room

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