1. K

    Seed cap broke in paper towel!

    Hi Guys, I am a first time grower, and did the paper towel for germination. I checked after 48 hours and shockingly the cap was already separated from the root. The root are long and can see two shrinked cotyledon leaves. The two leaves are attached with each other. So I panicked and first...
  2. sKyKAI

    Week 3 bloom

    Mystery strains from the personal seed bank… entering through week 3… Im happy … any thoughts, questions, comments or suggestions?!
  3. 20211217_071639 (2).jpg

    20211217_071639 (2).jpg

    GDP seed after 24hrs in soil. Still has seedcoat but looks like it's trying to get out.
  4. 20211126_211441.jpg


  5. SaltyNSour

    SaltyNSour's Qapla Kush

    Hello All, I have a few projects going on, so i'll start my log with one of the F1s i bred last year. Qapla Kush (friend's cultivar X Vanilla Pudding Kush F1) Cultivar is OG X LA Confidential dad with cultivar mom. The Vanilla is a cross i made back in 2011. Heavy Duty Fruity (mendo hashplant...
  6. T

    Seedbank mega deal

    Does anyone know of a seedbank that does or did a yearly membership deal where you pay a one off 300$ and they send you seeds every year for free. A mate of mine bought it but can't remember who through and he gets bulk seeds every year like ethos seeds and some were like rainbow sherbert X...
  7. Smokes1913

    Smoke1913's 2021 CA Outdoor Animal Mintz Grow Journal

    Smokes1913s Southern Ca outdoor grow ,( strain): gdp ,frisco og , animal mints , (seed germination): wet paper towel in ziplock bag placed in dark 7 days , (soil) : first few weeks miracle grow then switch to foxfarm ocean forest soil , (veg cycle): in progress also a few seedlings otw...
  8. Runtz Muffin seeds tucked away cozy like

    Runtz Muffin seeds tucked away cozy like

  9. Runtz Muffin seeds now awake

    Runtz Muffin seeds now awake

  10. Getting ready to put the prepped Runtz seeds into the cubes

    Getting ready to put the prepped Runtz seeds into the cubes

  11. Runtz Muffin Fem

    Runtz Muffin Fem

  12. Partook of Seedsman's Black Friday promo. 2021 is going to be fun.

    Partook of Seedsman's Black Friday promo. 2021 is going to be fun.

    I think 1/2 of why I like growing is all the cool freebies and strain art. Stupid question: can I clone off the Rudeboi and Alien and not violate any rules, unspoken or other? Does weed have creative commons and copyright type shit?
  13. Red Afro

    Red Afro

    White hairs, Dark soul Mother
  14. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  15. Old Ron

    Sour Dragon Breath and Freak O Dank Grow

    This grow is seeds from 7 East Genetics. There are 5 Sour Dragon Breath (Green Dragon Male (Hindu Kush x Afghan Kush) x Blueberry Train Wreck) x Sour Diesel 2 Female and 4 Freak O Dank (RD#1 x Freakshow) I dropped the seeds on Sunday, September 14 @ 9pm into starter pods that I soaked in a ph’d...
  16. Old Ron

    Another Indoor Grow: 3rd One

    Had some extra room in my veg tent, so I decided to try some different things. I have 2 Blue Dream that are 27 days old I started in Jiffy pods. There are 2 Super Fruit 90, 2 Blue Cookies, 2 Lemon Skunk and a Green Crack seedling now going too. They are about 5 days old. I decided to start the...
  17. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  18. Black Cali Grapes

    Black Cali Grapes

    Sweet smelling, sticky Black Cali Grapes!
  19. Kalashnikov x 2

    Kalashnikov x 2

    They caught up to Super Lemon!
  20. Red Afro

    Red Afro

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