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  1. WestSideGrow

    Non germination seed

    Hello, I was wondering if i sow a bag seed, seed in some fox farms ocean forest soil water it and leave it for a few days, you think it'll grow eventually ? No germination ? Just a silly question :peace: - westsidegrow
  2. D

    Seedy Suggestions!

    Hello, I am hoping to get started on my first grow, and learn in the process. I had initially figured I'd learn as much as I could and save my money for a few months before starting, but all this research has got me too excited about the idea. I'm hoping to do this first one on the cheap, and...
  3. S

    Wuz up man!

    My name is Swats and i've been smoking for awhile...my favorite that i have seen and so desperately want to try is GOD's GIFT... my dream weed. Feel free to hit me up and ask me anything..http://www.420magazine.com/forums/images/smilies/thankyou.gif
  4. J

    JahRasta's First Grow - DWC - CFL - 5 Strains

    Hey everyone. I just recently started the seeds for my first grow. They are the Indica G pack from Greenhouse Seeds (bought at a local seed bank). The strains are: White Widow, White Rhino, TrainWreck, The Church, AMS. The nutrients I have are from DNF, two-part grow and bloom nutes. I...
  5. L

    Swahili Haze - 150 Watt HPS - Closet Grow

    hello 420! So i recently stummbled across some seeds in some medication from my local dispensary......and well i liked the smoke, high, and taste of this strain by the name of Swahili Haze!! i havent heard of this particular strain but i have heard of its Haze Side. So i decided to grow some...
  6. J

    Michigan MM - Super Lemon Haze - From Seed

    Here are (5) Seeds of Super Lemon Haze. They have been used on fine grit sand paper (approx. 1 soft swipe around the whole outside) They have been germinated overnight in paper towel. Not to wet to cause rot/mold, but not wet long enough for this to happen anyway. Most say to let sit in...
  7. 4

    Congrats! I Have Twins! Two plants from one seed "Part One"

    Well folks, I must say, after reading and learning sooo much here with everyone, I've decided that I would love to be a part of this awesome family. :420: This being my very first post, very first thread, and my introduction of myself, I figured I would kick it off with a bang...This pic is from...
  8. jwb87

    Good Stealth Strain?

    Hey guys n gals, Lookin to start up growing as a first timer all around and going with DWC. Ive been looking into some autoflowering lowryders for a good n00b attempt to get the jist of things. Some that I have been contemplating are the blue himalaya x diesel and the purple jems. Another...
  9. i.play.4.keep

    Afghan Cheese Micro Grow from Seed

    Welcome 420 friends! This is an all around first solo attempt for me. I've worked with others and read and read and read so I finally feel competent enough to give it a shot myself. So let's jump on in. First, I'll tell you about my cabinet. It's pretty small. If you can imagine a video...
  10. B

    Is it bud or seed PLEASE help!

    I have been trying to grow a plant a fairly half assed attempt id have to say by the looks on all the growing facts here but, I recently noticed that my plant has started to bud up atleast that was my initial thought. Now this only started to happen 2 days ago but it appears to look like my...
  11. M

    White Widow Teens Different Phenotypes - Help

    Hello Everyone, I started some white widow x creeper cross bag seeds last September. Out of the 20 seeds two ending up being females. I noticed that the leaves have different phenotypes as well as different internode growth patterns. My Questions: Take a look at the pictures and tell...
  12. K


    So i went a little over budget on my first grow room. A buddy of mine collected rare seeds awhile back in hopes of growing, and had offered to supply me with whatever i needed once i was up and running. He brings me 8 seeds of what he says is called "Heinous". Out of all 8 seeds only one...
  13. O

    Mega Plant

    This plant was started in February (RIP in early September) by a buddy on mine with some bag seed. It was grown in a 20 gallon hole filled with potting soil, some 10-15-10 micronutes, pelletized 10-10-10, and all day sun eventually adding some Tigerbloom about 2 weeks before it split. She grew...
  14. B

    Germination question

    I used the paper towel method to germinate my seeds. They popped after a day. I planted them point down in light warrior mixed with perlite. My question is do I still keep them in the dark until they break the surface? Thanks on advance for your response.
  15. R

    Growing males

    Hi everyone, im pleased to join you, ive been reading these forums for a while and they are by far the most useful ive seen. Ill do my best to add something to this experience. :cool027: I'm about to order 2 packs of regular seeds from nirvana, bubblelicious and white widow. I was thinking...
  16. G

    seed 4 sale @ med. dispenseries

    I live in the high desert of calif. San Bernardino is below the Cajon Pass and I am at the top. Are there any dispensaries that sell seed? If so who? I can't believe how pricey they are especially with shipping and besides i am running out of time. Clones are too expensive and i have had bad...
  17. hapgrowy

    Help, un-ripe seed?

    can someone help tell me if this is an un-ripe seed that has busted out of its caylx...
  18. hapgrowy

    Beautiful Landscape or Portrait?

    which one do you think?....i need everyone to vote cause its gunna be for a blind contour drawing... moderator can you add a poll so i can see the results... portrait or landscape.... just look at the plants, all three stages together... here they are... landscape of course Portrait...
  19. B

    Pick N Mix, Very good option for South American Growers

    Pick N Mix is the real deal. Their costumer service is really good. I ordered some automatic strains, and received them 10 days later from England. I am in South America and normal mail usually takes longer. Never treated with more decent people in my life. Defenitly ill be ordering again...
  20. J

    A few things for this first time grower

    I will start growing with in the next 6 months and there are a lot of questions i have. The closet i will be doing is a 3'x4'x5' area. 2 chambers. hydroponic system. Seeds: Do i want to put seeds directly into the 10" hydro pots or grow them in lets say red cups? I don't want to replant these...
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