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  1. C

    Can seedlings flower?

    Hi! I’m new to the forum and growing! My seedlings are just about a month old and still in solo cups. I’ve noticed though that there appears to be trichome development at the apical meristem. To me it even looks like it’s flowering. I grow outside and have had no problem up until this point...
  2. Day Break 2

    Day Break 2

    Awwwww a sister is born!
  3. A

    Seedlings flowering too soon

    I have a few seedlings (Cinderella 99, Big Bud, og kush) that are about 7-8 inches tall, they are kept outside during the day, and at night I move them on the patio with a fluorescent light on (about 150 watts). They ALL started flowering!! I live in Southern California, and it's now October...
  4. harkz

    Fast Bud #2 - Is it healthy?

    This is my Fast Bud #2 seedling and it's about 2 weeks from germination. It seems to have slowed down on growth since I transferred it from my windowsill to a box with a CFL, is this the shock? I transplanted it about 2-3 days ago, it still seems to look healthy and all. Also does this look...
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