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  1. Verbalist

    Seedling before transplanting into DWC

    Hey! Any advices what should I do before transplanting seedling into DWC bucket? I put germinated seed into rockwool cube and seedling were kind of struggling to pop out, right now it has problems to stand properly. So decided to transplant the rockwool cube into net cup filled with clay...
  2. S

    Seedlings keep dying: Please help

    so I have tried 2 other times with 8 or so seedlings and they keep dying im not too sure what the problem is. I assumed it was overwatering cause I seen gnats the first time but then bleached cleaned the tent started over. So my stems are somewhat a little purple and very very slim and weak...
  3. SmokeyTheGrower

    Cannabis seedlings stopped growing!

    Hello guys! I have 5 different strains, 2 of them are autos and they are looking too small for 2 weeks old but they are vibrant and looking healthy.The second sets of true leaves are just not growing out. Should i worry about them being really small?
  4. Seedlingleavesbad.jpg


    What would cause this to happen to a seedling?
  5. WalterGamer8

    Seeds aren't sprouting and I'm really worried

    I have 3 seeds in my closet that I just planted directly into fox farm ocean forest soil. I have another seed that I germinated with the paper towel method and I saw a taproot and planted it into soil. When I planted the seeds I only watered them a little bit with phed water. My humidity is 40%...
  6. Dolimyte

    Seedling not progressing

    I'm not sure whats wrong with my seedling. This is my first time growing. I have no idea what strains I have because I am using a collection of random seeds I found over the years in bud that I purchased. I started with 8 seeds, 5 germinated, 4 of which actually sprouted. The one I'm having...
  7. Selfmedigrow

    Newbie in need of some light shedding on this problem

    Hi Guys, Can someone please help me out, I'm new to growing, I've germinated a few seeds, got them in the tent now after 9 days from sprouting in coir & perlite, with lights at max height and only veg lights on with a 420 watt(actual from the wall) led, it's at 79f & humidity is 50%, only fed...
  8. T

    Abandoned First Grow! Looking For Guidance & Advice Throughout This Journey

    Hello all! I’m brand new to this site (second post) and just about as new to growing cannibis. I just started my first grow about 2 weeks ago and have been fine just researching and deciphering the best routes on my own, but not I’ve hit my first real problem: yellowing/burning. I’m currently...
  9. A

    Seedlings flowering too soon

    I have a few seedlings (Cinderella 99, Big Bud, og kush) that are about 7-8 inches tall, they are kept outside during the day, and at night I move them on the patio with a fluorescent light on (about 150 watts). They ALL started flowering!! I live in Southern California, and it's now October...
  10. M

    1st Time DWC Seedling Help

    Hello: I am having some trouble with a seedling or two. Setup: HYDRO: DWC Strain: THC Bomb (hybrid, don't know %) #plants: 5 Rez size: 6 gallons Rez type: DIY (Rubbermaid cooler) Nutrients: General Hydroponics Flora w/CaliMagic Supplement. Medium: Rockwood/hydroton AVG Temp: 72°F...
  11. S

    Deformed leaves - Was I hoaxed in Amsterdam?

    Hey. Guys, So I bought this autoflowering feminized White Widow seeds in Amsterdam half a year ago, and decided to grow at home for the first time. I germinated directly into the soil( bad move only 1 of 4 sprouted), and put it under the light in a grow box. The first leaves came out ok, but...
  12. J

    600W LED - Seedling advice

    Hello Community - I know this topic has been posted before but the messages are so mixed about how far to hang these LED lights. I hope we can get some answers that a definite and clear for the best growth. How close do I hang this light??? Mine sprouted close to a week back and while the first...
  13. LightHouse

    Help - My White Dwarf turned out to be cobra!

    Hey guys, it's my first grow in my pc grow box. Have White Dwarf Auto from buddah seeds, and i am struggling to grow it :( Germinated in cup of water, and i papertowel, had lil tap root and planted it in soil... And it came out like cobra, no leaves whatsoever... Is it something wrong...
  14. G

    Seedlings' leaves drying - Can't find the reason

    Hello, I've planted my seeds a few weeks ago. In the last week the seedlings lost color, started getting yellow and one of them started drying out. I've been reading trying to find the causes but nothing really is helping. The soil had nutients and I watered one time with a nutrient solution...
  15. E

    Newbie needs your help!

    Hi everyone! PLEASE BE NICE AND BARE WITH ME :Love: Sooo I'm a newbie to this whole indoor growing thing and I need some pointers from all you experts :circle-of-love: I attempted to germinate a few seeds that I found in a batch of bud I bought and so far only one has sprouted within the last...
  16. S

    Help My Seedling!

    My seedlings cotyledons are yellow and brown and shrivled at the tips, i need help, idk how to upload pictures but so until then ill describe it, the seedling is very small maybe a quarter inch tall, they cotyledons are yellow and they are brown on the tips and look like its shriveled or shrank...
  17. G

    Help me save the seedling! - Pics included

    Please help me save this little guy. He is about 3 weeks old. Water balanced at ph 6.0 and I have added the nutrients canistart pictured below. Lighting is 18/6, temp in room is 75F. What am I doing wrong? If I need additional nuts, please be specific as I am a total beginner. Thanks! Lena
  18. G

    How long do roots need to be on clones before potting

    I have some clones that are about 3 weeks old and have all started to root. I would say that the longest roots on some clones are about 1.5 inches and the shorter roots on other clones are just barely prickly looking. So how long do the roots need to be before moving over to soil? Right now...
  19. G

    Help - Plant from seed & Clones having spots - new grower

    Hi all, I am new to growing and am honestly going at it blindly. I have read these forums a lot, looked at youtube, etc, so I have a very general understanding of the basics, but I have hit a little snag. I have a hyrdroponics setup (maybe aeroponics, not sure of the difference) for my...
  20. WizHigh

    Look like Worms in my RockWool Help!

    Ive planted 4 seeds in rockwool and put them in the humidity dome with heating pad. today 2 of the seedlings surfaced. One of the seedlings leaves were wide open a couple hours I check back on them and the leaves had closed back and I noticed a yellowish brown mark under one of the leaves. Also...
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